Former Nursing Student Sues Baker College, Alleges Instructor Said To Lie About Vaccinations

A former nursing student is suing Baker College, alleging that she was removed from the nursing program, because she questioned an instructor’s lesson about vaccinations. Nichole Rolfe filed a lawsuit in Genesee Circuit Court that alleged that an instructor at Baker College’s Owosso campus instructed nursing students to threaten and lie to patients in order to get them to consent to vaccination.

Rolfe was just 20-weeks away from graduation when she was kicked out of the program. She alleges that Baker College removed her from the program, because she was questioning the medical ethics behind alleged lessons regarding vaccinations. Rolfe says that the students were instructed to panic and coerce patients into receiving vaccinations, according to an MLIVE report.

“She stated that we would go in there if they declined, and then we would use threats to coerce them,” Rolfe explained, according to MLIVE. The former Baker College nursing student alleged that the class was told to tell patients untrue statements like, “You’re going to lose your Medicaid, and if you lose your Medicaid, because you refuse the vaccine you will have to pay for your entire hospital stay.” Rolfe said that another instructor at Baker College said that nurses should tell new fathers attempting to access their newborn babies to receive vaccinations if they wanted to be allowed on the hospital floor. The CDC suggests that people get their pertussis vaccinations two weeks before any contact with newborns. Rolfe claimed that she argued to the instructor that if new fathers get their vaccinations on the day they wish to see their babies, like the Baker College instructor allegedly stated, the vaccines would not have had enough time to provide any protection to the babies.

“I was asking questions that a nursing student should ask,” Rolfe stated of her interactions with the Baker College teachers. This is contrary to what Baker College stated happened. The dismissal contract from Baker College said that Rolfe was continuously arguing with an instructor about personal vaccination beliefs, and that she kept bringing up the same arguments. The contract for dismissal called her behavior “oppositional.” The former nursing student also denied Baker College’s claims that she was anti-vaccination.

“This goes against the patient’s right to informed consent,” Rolfe explained. “Our job is to build trust with the family and patient. We are to educate this patient.”

The school stated that the former nursing student had already been placed on a behavior contract after another student told the Baker College administration that she felt harassed by Rolfe over her views on homosexuality. Rolfe was allegedly arguing with the other student, and saying that it isn’t a nursing student’s place to judge homosexuals. The other student allegedly asserted that she believed that homosexuality was a learned behavior, while Rolfe allegedly argued that future nurses had no right to judge a person’s sexual orientation. Rolfe denied the other student’s harassment accusations.

The news of the lawsuit is making waves in Michigan’s social media circuit. Rolfe is getting both support and opposition. Rolfe claims she does not oppose vaccinations., but many believe that the former nursing student actually opposes vaccination. One apparent vaccination supporter responded on Facebook.

“I hope everyone of you anti science morons have to hold the hand of the child that dies because of your stupidity. Fear is a good reason to vaccinate. It’s a dumb reason not to.”

One of Rolfe’s peers at Baker College alleged that the dismissed nursing student did not have an anti-vaccination stance at all, but that she “felt that lying and coercion went against ANA guidelines and violated the patients right to refuse any medical intervention.” The peer added, “She wasn’t disruptive… She sat and recorded the class where this was taught.”

Rolfe said the dismissal record makes it impossible for her to finish her degree at another school. The former Baker College nursing student is seeking over $25,000 and the removal of her dismissal record from her transcripts, because she claims that her questions over vaccination protocol was appropriate discourse for nursing students.

[Photo via Baker College/YouTube]