Baby Sleep Trick Viral: See The Amazing Trick That Will Put Your Baby To Sleep In Less Than One Minute [Video]

One mother may have discovered a sleep trick every new parent has probably wished for at least one time during the infant stage of their child’s life!

Since it normally takes approximately six to eight weeks for an infant to adjust to a normal sleep routine, many parents are faced with the daunting task of having their infant up all night and asleep during the day.

However, there may be a way to combat the sleep woes. Apparently, one couple has learned how to put their little guy to sleep in a timely fashion with a new baby sleep trick., Many are astonished by the swift and easy method that put the baby to sleep in less than one minute.

Footage of the amazing trick recently surfaced on YouTube. According to Opposing Views, a man named Nathan Dailo and his wife uploaded the video to share ideas for creative forms of parenting. The video shows the couple putting their son, Seth, to sleep and sure enough the little guy was drifting off after only 40 seconds.

“I’m sure every parent tries new things to put their little one to sleep,” the YouTube video description reads. “Watch as my wife and I put our three month old baby boy, Seth, to sleep in under a minute using nothing but a piece of tissue paper. What’s the weirdest method you’ve used to put your little one to sleep?”

The video begins with a view of the adorable little boy. It’s quite obvious he’s a bit frustrated based on the way he whines. The mother can be seen lightly moving what appears to be a, small handkerchief or birth cloth, over his face. The more she moves the sheet in a fanning motion, he slowly drifts off to sleep. The simple method has left many viewers in awe!

The video, which was shared via YouTube on Mar 23, has now gone viral. While many viewers have praised the couple for sharing the creative sleep trick, of course, there are others who are skeptical about the safety of the baby. But, overall, most viewers are quite pleased with the amazing sleep trick.

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[Image via YouTube]