Liana Klevtsova: 'Vogue' Model Poses Naked In Siberia — Outdoors! — To Protest Vladimir Putin

Liana Klevtsova is a 19-year-old Russian model who recently posed naked — which is not unusual for a model. But what makes Liana's nude photo shoots unusual is where she did them — and why.

Klevtsova stripped naked for the cameras not in the relative comfort of a photographer's studio — like, say, the Colombian journalist who recently posed nude to celebrate a victory by her favorite soccer team — but in the freezing outdoor weather of Siberia.

Why go naked in such an uninviting environment?

Klevtsova's all-nude efforts are part of a protest movement against the financial policies of Russian President, Vladimir Putin, who has left his country struggling financially as he pursues the most massive military buildup in Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union.

According to The Siberian Times, Liana has even appeared in Vogue and took up modeling after studying photography, inspiring her to put herself in the place of a model.

Her nude photos are part of an anti-Putin campaign known as Golaya Pravda. That means "The Naked Truth" in English.

To check out SFW versions of the Liana Klevtsova "naked truth" photos, click this link.

In one of the shots, the 19-year-old can be seen wearing nothing but red stiletto heels posed on a Siberian street in front of a bank. The caption to the photo declared, "I've paid off my mortgage."

The not-so-subtle message of the protest campaign was that Russian mortgage rates are so high — up to 18 percent — that simply paying off a mortgage leaves Russians with no money for anything else, even clothes.

The average monthly wage for Russian workers is about $540 per month.

In another of her nude photos, Liana is seen naked on a public bus, as a protest against unreasonably high public transportation fares in Russia. The third time she posed naked, Liana was photographed pumping gas — naked and even barefoot this time — at a Siberian gas station with a snowbank that appears to be about six feet high in the background.

The protest, naturally enough, was against high Russian gas prices.

The gas station shoot took place at 3 a.m., to keep the nudity under wraps.

"We wanted to send this positive message to people that nothing can bring us down, and the contrast of winter and naked body we had to show it," Klevtsova told The Siberian Times.

Whether Liana Klevtsova has any more plans to pose naked as a political protest, rather than simply for a fashion shoot as she has also done, she did not say.

[Image: Liana Klevtsova via The Siberian Times]