Here we go again – Apple iOS nailed as it lets developers access all your photos

It seems lately that as soon as Apple gets over one embarrassment another one comes along as the newest out today has Apple’s iOS platform enabling app developers to be able to access all of your photographs on your iOS device.

Last month it was address books being able to be copied and then uploaded to the developer’s servers but according to a New York Times report the same sort of thing can be done with all your images and without your knowledge or consent.

It seems that if you enable apps to have access to your location data those apps are then able to upload your entire photo collection on the device without any further notification or without your explicit consent. This happens apparently because when you give the app permission to access your location data it also is able to access the images for their encoded location data.

“Conceivably, an app with access to location data could put together a history of where the user has been based on photo location,” said David E. Chen, co-founder of Curio, a company that develops iOS apps. “The location history, as well as your photos and videos, could be uploaded to a server. Once the data is off of the iOS device, Apple has virtually no ability to monitor or limit its use.”

Of course this means that the countdown to the outrage over this will start almost immediately.

via SlashGear