‘The Voice’ Bottom 3 Predictions: The Artists Singing For Their Lives Might Surprise You [Opinion]

The Voice Top 12 surprised me Monday evening. Some Voice front-runners flopped and some artists I had pegged as Bottom 3 fodder rose to the occasion. As thin as the talent pool is when compared with Season 7 of The Voice, the NBC series really needs these kind of twists.

With the Voice performances done, I can finally make predictions based on actual trends and not hunches that are apparently way off. I’ve learned that iTunes is usually a strong predictor of which artists are in danger falling into the Bottom 3. The ranking of Voice contestants doesn’t always determine who will go home, but based on song sales you usually can get something of an idea.

The three Voice contestants sitting in the Top 10 on iTunes are of no surprise to me whatsoever. Kimberly Nichole at No. 2 and Meghan Linsey at No. 4 represent the strongest women singers remaining on The Voice. Sawyer Fredericks is not the best male singer on the show, he has built a steady fan base that will see him through any live mistake at this point. He’s currently sitting pretty at No. 3.

I admit I cringed when he went for a falsetto in “Imagine” that didn’t pan out. However, Sawyer corrected himself and saved the song. You have to give the 16-year-old singer props for his professionalism.

Enough about the people far from danger; it’s time to take a closer look at the one’s who will be after last night.

First to address my original Voice Bottom 3: Rob Taylor, Koryn Hawthorne, and Deanna Johnson. Yes, I know I was way wrong. And you know what? I’m actually happy about it. I do like the artists I’d chosen to head home and feel that certain other participants on the Voice deserve to go home after Monday night. However, it’s not always singing chops; sometimes it’s the artist’s popularity.

I didn’t peg Rob, Deanna, and Koryn as contestants who’d have the Voice audience on their side.

I have to admit how stunned I am that Hannah Kirby is in ACTUAL danger of leaving The Voice this week. This contestant seemed like she’d stick around for a while based on her unusual voice and dancing style. But apparently America isn’t as enthralled with her as I thought. She warbled her way through the Stevie Nicks classic “Edge of Seventeen”, and now she is currently sitting at #69.

The Voice audience was clearly less than impressed.

At No. 72 is young Mia Z, who also butchered a classic: The Rolling Stones song “Miss You.” I didn’t think she wasn’t the worst of the night (I’ll get to him in a minute), but I think she leaned a bit too hard on those super high notes. The performance that was otherwise lackluster. The Voice audience isn’t interested in who can shatter glass. Hopefully, Mia can it together for a final song if required.

I scrolled to the end of the iTunes Top 200 singles, and Voice contestant Brian Johnson’s name was nowhere to be found. That only solidifies the fact that his off-key rendition of Sting’s “If I Ever Lose My Faith In You” was without a doubt the biggest offender of the night. Not only was it a terrible song choice, but Johnson failed to anything remarkable with it.

Nothing at all.

Corey Kent White may have nearly been as bland (shout out to Voice judge Christina Aguilera, who quietly called out the fact that his face is keeping him around), but at least he was on-key. Brian is came across over all a the weakest male vocalist and based on his rankings, he’s probably the likeliest Voice contestant to be booted from the show.

Even though iTunes rankings are good predictors of the Voice Bottom 3, there’s a chance someone’s popularity could help them barely miss it. If that’s the case, I might swap India Carney for Hannah Kirby. I wouldn’t agree with her presence in the Bottom 3, but sometimes these things happen.

I now believe that the Voice audience will see Mia Z, Hannah Kirby, and Brian Johnson sing for their lives. Mia Z has the potential to out-sing her competitors if she enunciates well and lets her unique voice shine. Otherwise, I think it will be Mia and Brian headed home.

Did you see The Voice? Which artists do you think should go home and why?

[Image Credit: The Voice YouTube]