Joanna Krupa & Brandi Glanville: ‘Real Housewives’ Slander Lawsuit Update

Joanna Krupa filed a lawsuit against The Real Housewives of Bevelry Hills‘ Brandi Glanville, claiming she slandered her character in a couple of interview with Andy Cohen.

During the first interview, which took place on the set of Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, Glanville alleged Joanna Krupa had smelly lady parts and claimed she engaged in an affair with Mohammed Hadid, while he was still married to Yolanda Foster, who also stars on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Months later, during a second Watch What Happens Live interview, Glanville brought up her claims against Joanna Krupa for a second time, and weeks later, Joanna Krupa files her lawsuit.

According to an April 8 report by LALATE, Joanna Krupa’s case was scheduled to appear in front of a judge in Miami this morning. Although both Glanville and Joanna Krupa currently reside in Los Angeles, Krupa filed her suit on the east coast.

The case, #2015-001602-CA-01, was filed on January 22, 2015, and included multiple requests against Glanville, such as a request for documents, admissions, and other paperwork. Krupa also requested the case be heard by a jury.

On February 18, Glanville filed a motion to dismiss Joanna Krupa’s case, and on March 16, she reportedly filed a second motion requesting a protective order against the discovery of certain requests.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Joanna Krupa reacted to Glanville’s comments during a chat with TMZ in Los Angeles. Speaking of her fellow Real Housewives star, Krupa expressed her frustration and labeled her Beverly Hills counterpart “trailer trash.”

“You know what? I’m so p**sed off. Brandi Glanville. I think Brandi Glanville is the biggest trailer trash woman out there. I just saw on E! News her interview with Andy Cohen talking about my stuff again. She needs to get a life, okay? First of all, I’m happily married, I’m sorry that you’re so pathetic your ex-husband left you. Stop talking about me. Does she have nothing better to do in her life. It’s getting too much, like she’s trailer trash. That’s what she is.”

Joanna Krupa went on to say The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was “so obsessed” with her and couldn’t stop talking about her.

In addition to the comments about her privates, Joanna Krupa is also suing Glanville for her allegations of having slept with Foster’s then-husband, Hadid, several years ago. According to Krupa, she and Hadid were never romantically involved with one another.

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