‘Empire Records’ Fans Celebrate 20th Anniversary With Hashtag

Empire Records. The 1995 coming-of-age film that became viewed as a cult classic by so many fans and critics.

With its 20th anniversary months away, the Allan Moyle-directed movie seems to be getting a lot of attention on Twitter. The virtual anniversary “party” seems to be filled with memorable quotes, hilarious memes, and even a viral hashtag that became a trending topic — #RexManningDay.

Since its 1995 release, Empire Records has been released on videotape and DVD. This week, quite a few fans are excited about the popular film becoming available on Blu-ray.

At its core, Empire Records is about a team of loyal employees fighting to save an independent record shop from becoming a franchise music store called Music Town.

Thanks to Lucas, the nighttime manager, the previous day’s cash receipts were gambled away at Atlantic City instead of deposited – jeopardizing the shop manager Joe’s plans to save the store.

Once you add the shoplifter-turned-employee, the man whose in love with an overachieving woman obsessed with a former 80s pop star, a suicidal employee, and an uninhibited cashier, things seem to get very interesting from beginning to end.

Most of the employees were very open about how they personally felt about catering to former pop idol Rex Manning on “Rex Manning Day.” Some of the most memorable quotes that still excite fans today were stated while the employees were talking about or working on “Rex Manning Day.”

Manning was scheduled to appear simply to sign autographs and promote his brand new album alongside his assistant (who actually hated his music).

Rex ended up doing a lot more than signing autographs – including inadvertently adding to the drama brewing among the employees.

It’s actually #RexManningDay! – https://t.co/jefJGmPvpw – Say No More (Mon Amour.) — Daniel (@MountainHerder) April 8, 2015

Empire Records helped such actors and actresses as Renée Zellwegger, Liv Tyler, Robin Tunney, and Johnny Whitworth to boost their big-screen careers in the 90s.

The vast majority of the cast members have played a lot more roles either on the big or small screen since Empire Records was released in theaters on September 22, 1995.

However, chances are that the roles they played as Empire Records employees and managers will never be forgotten.

Empire Records has been my favourite teen movie forever. It’s unapologetic in it’s optimism. #RexManningDay — Ben Morse (@BenMorse) April 8, 2015

What do you think about Empire Records?

[Image Credit: Flavor Wire]