‘RHOBH’ Preview: Kim Richards Won’t Say What Harry Hamlin Did, But Exposes Text Messages & Makes Lisa Rinna Cry

In a RHOBH preview shared by Bravo on April 7, Kim Richards is seen reading a text message, which had been sent to her by Lisa Rinna after filming on Season 5. After Andy Cohen asked Richards if she and Rinna had spoken since Season 5, Richards revealed she received a message from Rinna after the finale.

“I know what it is,” Rinna tells Cohen in the RHOBH preview, prior to the message being read.

Throughout the fifth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Rinna and Richards butted heads, starting with a heated conversation during a ride to Eileen Davidson’s house, during which Rinna asked Richards if she had been drinking. Although the details of Rinna and Richards’ feud weren’t recounted during the RHOBH preview, fans have seen a lot of action between the two women for the last few months of the Bravo reality show.

One of the most intense moments between Rinna and Richards happened in Amsterdam after Richards suggested Rinna was dealing with a “situation at home” with husband Harry Hamlin. Later on in the trip, Rinna and Richards made up.

However, after the finale, as seen in the RHOBH preview, Richards received three text messages from Rinna.

“Be very careful, or I will f–k you up. You be nice to your sister. You believe her, and stop telling lies — in that order. Thanks.”

“You need to get wise. Brandi is not telling the truth. She’s lying, and I should have said that to you in that moment, but I didn’t want another Amsterdam to happen, and it would have.”

“Your behavior and the way you treat people is not okay. You are nasty and you need to be stopped now.”

After disclosing the messages during the RHOBH preview, Richards said she was very “frightened” by Rinna’s threat and slammed her for telling her she would “f–k” her up. At that point, Rinna explained to Cohen that she has an issue with not being able express her emotions, because as a child, her father often shut her down.

When Rinna begins to cry in the RHOBH preview, Richards cruelly begins to laugh and taunts her with a mean comment to her co-stars.

“Oh, she’s going to cry now.”

In another scene, which was shared prior to the RHOBH preview, Richards was seen being invited to disclose the alleged secret she was keeping about Harry Hamlin. However, even after Rinna encouraged her to reveal what it was she was keeping, Richards refused to explain herself. As the Inquisitr reported, Davidson previously called Richards’ alleged dirt on Hamlin “laughable.”

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]