What was hot on QBase Last Week

Collaborative open company databases continue to thrive, and as always we’re happy to be partnered with Tradevibes for QBase. If you haven’t added your company yet, what are you waiting for!

New Companies

GT Solar
GT Solar International (NASDAQ: SOLR), based in Merrimack, NH (USA), is the parent company of GT Solar Incorporated, and is a global provider of ingot casting furnaces, polysilicon reactors and…

BumpTop is a fresh and engaging new way to interact with your computer desktop. You can pile and toss documents like on a real desk. Break free from the rigid and mechanical style of standard…

What is Shopflick? *It’s a great new way to discover the most fascinating sellers and coolest new products online. *Watch entertaining videos directly from the designers, merchants,…

Etchstar.com started because we thought electronic devices like iPods and cell phones were boring so we searched for a way to express our creativity through technology. Etchstar.com is an on-demand…
UberSpat – UberSpat.com is a debating site that allows users to submit articles and blog posts, much like people do on Digg. This evidence can be submitted in support or in opposition to a debate. This evidence…

Top Discussions of the Week

New User Interface
What do you think about the new profile interface for Facebook?
Is Digg worth $200M? Should Google buy it?
Google is again rumored to be looking to acquire Digg. This time for about $200M. Do you think Digg is worth that much? They have roughly 25M monthly unique visitors, so the price is roughly $8 per monthly visitor.
Scopings – new kind of a recruiting platform
We have recently launched a different kind of a recruiting platform for beta, called Scopings – I would love to get your opinions about it.

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