Bratz Doll Makeunders Becoming Latest Hobby For Crafty Moms Fighting An ‘Over-Sexualized’ Culture

Australian artist Sonia Singh gives Bratz dolls and other fashion dolls what she calls “makeunders,” and has been featured by several media outlets including Inquisitr. The craft of giving Bratz dolls makeunders has caught on like wildfire among a group of talented, crafty moms who are using this form of doll alterations to fight what they call an “over-sexualized culture” that today’s young girls are exposed to. In an SBS2Australia video, Sonia briefly demonstrated her method of transforming sexy fashion dolls into dolls that seem to want to explore and play.

“I use Jo Sonja’s artist acrylics paint. I use black and white with the primary colours of red, blue and yellow to mix the colours I need. I seal the paint and sometimes the whole face with a Jo Sonja’s matte varnish to seal the paint.

“There may well be other brands that are just as good or better but that’s what I have been using recently.

“I use a 00 or 000 size brush.”

On her Tree Change Dolls Etsy store, she sells knitting patterns to make the old Bratz dolls new clothes that are fun, but absent of the over-sexualization found in fashion dolls. Now, Freecycle groups, online garage sale sites, mothering forums and Craigslist are all receiving posts from budding doll artists looking for used Bratz dolls to makeunder, hoping to be a part of the doll revolution that strives to normalize normal in the eyes of little girls.

Have you ever considered giving Bratz or other fashion dolls makeunders?

[Photo via artist Niecey Docherty]