Octavia Spencer Book Signing: Actress Rebuts Report That She Acted Like A Brat

Mom always says you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. And apparently The Help actress, Octavia Spencer, made a pretty awful one at a recent book signing – so bad, in fact, mothers scurried their children away from her bad attitude.

Most of us only know Octavia from her film roles – which right now includes YA dystopian flick Insurgent– but a group of fans and their kids got to know the woman herself at Barnes and Noble at a signing for her children’s book last week, US Weekly reported.

And according to them, Spencer was an “ungrateful, nasty b*tch” to the people who lined up to buy her book.

Naturally, Spencer has denied the claims on Twitter.


As for the accusations lodged against the actress, none of them are really too horrible and can perhaps be chalked up to bad day. After all, everyone is in a bad mood every now and then.

So what are Octavia‘s crimes? Here’s a rundown, according to US Weekly and the Daily Mail.

  • She complained about her feet hurting.
  • She didn’t talk to her fans and forbid them to touch her (that’s understandable), and refused all pictures.
  • Rather than ask fans herself, Octavia had an assistant write fans’ names on a sticky note before she autographed her book.
  • She asked each fan to prove they bought her book (Randi Rhodes Ninja Detective — The Sweetest Heist in History) by providing the receipt.
  • She was annoyed that a glass of water she was given was far too small.
  • She was miffed about the spot in the bookstore assigned for her signing.
  • She disappeared into the bathroom for quite a long time. And…
  • She refused to sign a photo of herself for a man who had brought it to the book signing especially for her autograph.

None of that looks very good, but it’s worth noting that the account of Spencer’s abysmal book signing behavior is coming mostly from one woman, Angel Guzman – and she had some pretty harsh words for the actress.

“Octavia’s answers were short and blunt and there were times she rolled her eyes to the back of her head like she couldn’t believe someone could ask such a stupid question. It quickly became a very uncomfortable situation for all of us… (She) was acting like a diva. All of this happened in front of everyone who has been standing there for at least an hour, with their restless kids, waiting for her to show up”

Another eyewitness confirmed to the Daily Mail that indeed, Octavia Spencer horrible and “didn’t care that she was being an a**hole in front of children.” Apparently, parents guarded their offspring from Spencer, left the book signing and demanded refunds.

“Who does she think she is anyway — Elizabeth Taylor?’ that eyewitness said.

If these accounts are true, Octavia hasn’t done herself any favors. The actress can only hope she gets a second chance to make a first impression – and it’s a much better one next time.

[Photo Courtesy Kevin Winter/Getty Images]