WWE News: Chris Jericho To Replace Stone Cold Steve Austin As New ‘Tough Enough’ Host?

Yesterday, the WWE announced the return of the hit-reality show, Tough Enough. After its initial run in from 2001 to 2003, the USA Network and WWE brought it back in 2011 when Stone Cold Steve Austin hosted the show. Booker T, Trish Stratus and Bill DeMott were the coaches of the returning pro-wrestling competition.

When the rumor came out last year that Tough Enough would be returning, the WWE Universe started to think of hosts for the program. Stone Cold was the obvious choice, but that doesn’t look like it will occur. On Austin’s podcast yesterday, he revealed that a position on Tough Enough was possible, but conflicts with Broken Skull Challenge didn’t let it happen.

“I’ve been talking to WWE about doing Tough Enough for quite some time — it was supposed to be shot in February or March, right now we’re in April, so it didn’t happen in February or March.

“When WWE wanted to film, that’s when CMT says ‘we want to do more episodes of Broken Skull Challenge.

With that said, WWE is in need of a new host of Tough Enough. When it obviously cannot be DeMott, an NXT developmental coach is always an easy choice. If the WWE wants the ratings to be sky-high, they would grab a WWE legend that was very popular on TV. According to RingSide News, a future-WWE Hall of Fame wrestler is rumored to be the next host of Tough Enough.

“There are unconfirmed rumors that Chris Jericho may be getting that spot. There’s also no word yet on who the trainers will be but the NXT coaches at the WWE Performance Center are expected to be involved.”

Everyone in the WWE fan base would love Jericho on Tough Enough. Just like Stone Cold, Jericho knows exactly what it takes to be a WWE champion. Y2J spent his wrestling career in ECW, WCW, CNWA (Canadian National Wrestling Alliance), CRMW (Canadian Rocky Mountain Wrestling), CMLL (Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre), SMW (Jim Cornette’s Smoky Mountain Wrestling) and Genichiro Tenryu’s Wrestling and Romance in Japan before going to the WWE.

His long trek in the wrestling industry paid off as Jericho is one of the greatest wrestlers and performers in WWE history. Jericho could add a lot of personality to the show as well. The only spot of concern is his dedication to his band, Fozzy. If he is touring, there’s no way Jericho could do both. Hopefully for the WWE faithful, the rumor is true and Chris Jericho becomes the new host of Tough Enough.

[Image via YouTube.com]