‘Tron’ Sequel: A Proposed Title And Second Returning Cast Member Named, Find Out Who

Tron Legacy, the sequel that finally showed up after more than two decades, had a very open ending. For those who have not seen the film, and might want to, there are some spoilers forthcoming. The ending that saw Olivia Wilde’s character and co-star Garett Hedlund’s character ride off into the sunset, after suggesting he was going to be a more active head of ENCOM. This left many Tron and Tron Legacy fans questioning if the franchise was indeed going to become a trilogy.

However, the Inquisitr reported in March that the word was finally out that the Tron 3 was going into production in 2015. Many were skeptical, and few actors had actually confirmed their involvement, but now we have one major actress that has announced her involvement. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it is official that Olivia Wilde will be returning as her Tron Legacy character Quorra.

With Wilde on board, and unless Jeff Bridges will make a full appearance as Kevin Flynn, Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) and Quorra (Olivia Wilde) might be heading this third installment. The way Tron Legacy ended would suggest that it was a handing off of the torch moment between Kevin and Sam Flynn.

The Tron sequel has raised eyebrows, as a heavily-hyped and heavy-on-the-merchandising Disney film, Tron Legacy seemed to just break even and a little extra. On the domestic front, the film made $172 million, just $2 million over its budget, and abroad it raked in another $228 million.

It does beg the question as to what Disney’s vision is for computer tech, stylized sci-fi film. Either way, it will certainly be appreciated by fans that span 28 years of anticipation and desire for more Tron.

So, the third Tron film does not necessarily need Jeff Bridges, but everyone does enjoy see the “Dude” on the big screen. So, it is not impossible, but perhaps improbable. Though, many outlets are reporting that the trifecta is complete, there is some doubt. It is true that Director Joseph Kosinski and Olivia Wilde have been confirmed, but Garrett Hedlund is sadly not so certain.

Cinema Blend reports that Hedlund was, in fact, attached to the Tron sequel in 2012, but that was the projected film date was 2014. The film has languished in development limbo since then, so it is anybody’s guess if Hedlund will return. Although, with Olivia Wilde and Joseph Kosinski already in the mix, it would not make much sense to move forward with him. Sadly, worse decisions has happened.

For anyone familiar with the Atlas Shrugged trilogy, adapted from the classic Ayn Rand novel, that cast has been changed for each film. Hopefully, Tron 3, or Tron Ascension will not share this malady.

[Image Via Ruffle Magazine]