That 1% Tip from a banker story you read about? Surprise – it’s an hoax

The other day the InterWebs broke out into an uproar, again, over the posting of and image of what was suppose to be the restaurant receipt where the person paying had left only a $1.33 tip for a $133.54 bill along with their own tip of “Get A Real Job”.

Fellow colleague here at The Inquisitr, H. Scott English, wrote about it when a report surfaced where the purported he originator of the image said that he worked for the person who had left the tip, and that yes he was a 1% douchbag. Hell the story even made it to the morning show on CNN but as will all things on the Internet it was – a Hoax.

Yes folks I hate to break it to but while there still might be 1% douchebags out there this is not an example of one spotted in the wild. The folks over at That’s Nerdalicious have a post up with the news that the restaurant where the bill is from, The True Food Kitchen, did a bit of an investigation into the matter and have reported back:

We’re glad to respond to the news stories about a tipping incident at True Food Kitchen in Newport Beach.

Our first concern upon learning about this situation was our staff. We are very fortunate to have employees that are talented, bright, and undoubtedly, some of the best in the business.

However, we would like to report that there is misinformation circulating about this situation. The dining receipt that was originally posted on the blog, Future Ex Banker, and then republished by various websites, was, in fact, altered and exaggerated. We’d also like to assure people that the receipt was not posted and altered by anyone on behalf of True Food Kitchen. We respect our guests’ privacy and take it very seriously; we would never share personal information.

So there you go, yet another fine example of for crying out loud don’t believe everything you read on the freaking Internet.