John Travolta Scientology Jett: Church Of Scientology Helped Travolta Get Through Son Jett’s Death

John Travolta says that Scientology helped him when his son Jett passed away. According to WebProNews, the actor says that his faith is what really got him through one of the hardest times of his life. In fact, Travolta went so far as to say that without Scientology, he “wouldn’t have made it.”

“Oh, my god, I wouldn’t have made it without the church’s assistance. Honestly,” said Travolta. His 16-year-old son died in 2009 after suffering a seizure. At the time, there was a ton of backlash surrounding the family (John’s wife, Kelly Preston, as well), as many feel that not getting Jett the help that he needed (in regard to medication) because of the couple’s beliefs were what ultimately cost the teen his life.

This comment was made when Travolta was asked if he had seen the new documentary Going Clear which is about the Church of Scientology, and the belief system of those who follow the religion.

John Travolta explained that Scientology not only helped him when Jett died (back in 2009), but that it has been wonderful for him in so many other ways.

“[Scientology] has been nothing but brilliant for me. I’ve been so happy with my [Scientology] experience in the last 40 years that I really don’t have anything to say that would shed light on [a documentary] so decidedly negative. I’ve been brought through storms that were insurmountable, and [Scientology has] been so beautiful for me, that I can’t even imagine attacking it.”

According to AZ Central, Travolta, 61, also admitted that Scientology has also helped him get others through some hard times.

“I’ve helped so many people through hard times. Loss of children, loved ones, physical illnesses. Through many tough, tough life situations I’ve used the technology to support them and help them. It’s always worked. So, why would I even approach a negative perspective? That would be a crime to me, personally, to do that.”

Travolta has no plans to watch Going Clear, which mentions him and actor Tom Cruise as dedicated members of Scientology. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, celebrities have really helped the Church of Scientology gain footing… nowadays, almost everyone knows something about the religion, which seems to be a popular choice amongst the rich and famous.

Do you think John Travolta’s beliefs in Scientology really did help him when Jett died? What do you make of his defense?

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]