Jesus’ Tomb Discovered? Geologist Says Yes, And Christ’s Resurrection Site Doesn’t Exist

An Israeli geologist-archaeologist says he has discovered the truth about Jesus Christ’s tomb and final resting place in Jerusalem. Dr. Aryeh Shimron says that not only has the lost burial site of Jesus of Nazareth been found, but inside, the Son of Man was interred with his wife and son, according to an Express news report.

The “discovery” of Jesus’ Family Tomb is not without controversy, and his findings are centered on the James Ossuary, which was the subject of an alleged forgery and high-profile trial in 2004. Then, an Italian jury found Oded Golan, an antiquities dealer, guilty of forging the “Jesus” inscription on the ossuary. The charges and verdict were later overturned in 2012.

Dr Shimron says that his findings are based on chemical analysis. Reportedly, he performed some 150 tests of the soil at Jesus Christ’s burial chamber known as the Talpiot Tomb.

The structure, built of rock, was discovered in 1980 in an East Jerusalem neighborhood. Inside were ten ossuaries, one which bore the inscription “Yeshua bar Yehosef” or “Jesus, son of Joseph”. Additionally, there were human remains, presumably of his family, and carvings throughout. Shimron compared soil samples and scrapings from the box to the terrain in the tomb. Remarkably, the compositions were the same. He believes this provides irrefutable evidence that the tomb discovered housed Jesus’ remains.

“The evidence could not be stronger than what I have. If you find a tomb with the names of the four Beatles in it in Liverpool, then you would say those are the four Beatles, not some other singing group from some other area.”

A documentary that aired in 2007, The Lost Tomb of Jesus, says evidence supports the belief that the Talpiot Tomb contained the remains of Jesus of Nazareth and his family. The claim is based on genealogy and statistics. Simcha Jacobovici, a journalist who has followed the controversy over the years, sides with the archaeologist claiming that the discovered tomb is for Jesus.

“There is no question in my mind that all the evidence, archeological… statistical, and now chemical tells the same story,” he told NBC news. “This is the tomb of Jesus of Nazareth and his family.”

On the other hand, some critical of the conclusions drawn say that the names could simply be coincidental. Nicola Denzey, a professor of religious studies at Brown University, said the names were very common centuries ago. Moreover, the tests results on any number of tombs in the area would likely yield the same or similar results.

Ordained Baptist minister and TV evangelist, John Ankerberg, spoke on rumors recently about Jesus’ tomb being discovered. Check out the YouTube video below.

[Photo by: Wikimedia Commons]