New Beauty Tips For Men From Native American Elders: Hair Loss Immunity

Beauty tips can often be strange in the first place and can range from theatrical surrealism to ready-to-wear neutral workplace options. However, if you are a man that seeks the long, luscious locks that Native American men are famous for, Native Americans have some new beauty tips for you that are a bit unusual.

Far beyond your usual beauty advice from people like Megan Fox, these are home remedies that stem from decades of passed down Native American beauty tips.

The White Wolf Pack blog was recently reposted by the Lakota Times on Facebook with an exclusive set of beauty tips specifically for men’s hair. Among their beauty tips include pointing out the fact that “Native Americans have become something of a phenomenon in hair loss research circles. Scientific observation has discovered that some tribes are apparently completely immune to the most common form of hair loss – male pattern baldness.”

Of course, the article goes on to explain that this is likely to be genetic — and not the result of a beauty tip.

The article goes on to explain that Native American beauty tips for hair care are important in other ways, since many Native Americans do not cut their hair for their entire lifetimes. White Wolf Pack states that “the Navajo tribe would cut the hair of their children on their first birthday, after which it would be left to grow untouched for the rest of their lives.”

What are White Wolf Pack‘s beauty tips for hair like the Native American men have? The five beauty tips include scalp massage, hair oiling, using Native herbs that benefit the hair, avoiding foods that are of poor nutrition or increase inflammation, and to stop using most shampoos.

In particular, the beauty tip for the best Native American hair means “STOP buying shampoos and hair care products, most products contain endocrine disrupting chemicals that may cause hair loss and a host of other hair problems like frizzy hair, thinning hair, breakages, brittle and dry hair and hair loss [sic]”

Herbs that were mentioned as beauty tips by White Wolf Pack are extensive and include bearberry, wild mint, saw palmetto and more.

Indian Country Today Media Network backs up the beauty tips claims about the herbs you can use for great hair, but emphasizes the best idea is to give your hair a break on occasion. Specifically, they state, “They [Native American elders] didn’t wash their hair and mess with their hair everyday so this allowed their hair to relax… If you are constantly messing with your hair can hinder the growth. Their hair is also always braided. This is a form of protective styling that helps to keep your hands out of your hair. [sic]”

Pow Wows Magazine posts about Native American beauty tips that also focus on braids. They state, “I’ve come to the theory—and professional hairstylists might agree with me—that part of the reason our ancestors’ hair was so magnificent and stayed that way was that they DIDN’T wash, comb, and fuss with it every day…. Keeping the hair braided and wrapped such as with animal furs, strips of cloth or ribbon further protected the hair from dirt and damage. [sic]”

The ultimate advice from Pow Wows also says to to avoid shampooing your hair. They give one final beauty tip for men, one seen few places elsewhere and it ensures no hair is out of place. Styling products to focus on are petroleum jelly, a leave-in conditioning hair oil, or other types of putty or pomade.

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