‘Get Hard’ With Will Ferrell And Kevin Hart: Were They Successful?

Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart’s R-rated comedy film Get Hard raked in $1.8 million on its opening night in the United States last Thursday.

On the next day, the movie opened in 3,176 theaters nationwide and generated nearly $13 million. This spells good news for Warner Bros., which projected a total sales of $30 million over the weekend. The film’s numbers are looking good, but its reviews are not. Although there are some critics who lauded Ferrell and Hart’s comedic performance, there were others who found the film to be offensive and discriminating.

In the movie, Ferrell played the role of a Los Angeles millionaire sentenced to spend ten years in prison for tax evasion. To prepare for a tough life behind bars, he “trained” with his carwash guy played by Hart.

Some scenes in the movie include the two seeking protection from a group of white supremacists. Their escape led to their involvement with another gang which is composed of 40 black members. Another part of the movie shows Ferrell and Hart in a gay restaurant. Being surrounded by homosexuals, the two felt strongly uncomfortable. These and similar scenes elicited blasts from various critics who reacted against the racism and homophobic themes of Get Hard.

Ferrell and Hart took the blasts calmly. Ferrell said that he already knew the consequences of doing an R-rated comedy but according to him, provoking people is a part of their job as comedians. He explained that they are merely reflecting issues that already exist in the society.

Hart also supported his co-actor’s statement saying that they are “no strangers to criticism.”

“If they’re not talking, then you have a problem,” he emphasized.

Get Hard is also writer Etan Cohen’s first try at directing. His previous works as a script writer included Tropic Thunder and Men in Black 3.

When asked about what made them agree to work with the first time director, Ferrell explained, “When you talk to him about a script in terms of his articulation on story you can tell he sounded like he was a director. I think that’s what gave us the confidence to want to work with him.”

Overall Get Hard received mixed reviews. However, if you’re a fan of Will Ferrell or Kevin Hart’s raunchy brand of humor, this movie will be right up your alley.

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