Mother Douses 7-Year-Old Daughter In Gas And Lights Her On Fire During Argument

A mother from California, Porche Wright, has been accused of dousing her seven-year-old daughter in gas and lighting her on fire. Witnesses say the young girl had severe burns causing her skin to peel from her face. Despite her serious burns, she is expected to survive.

KTLA reports that 27-year-old Porche Wright has been charged with attempted murder after allegedly setting her seven-year-old daughter on fire. The angry mother reportedly poured gas on the young girl and then threw a match on her. Police and emergency responders reported to Wright’s home after a friend called about the child’s injuries. When police arrived, the girl was found to have serious burns on her body that police indicate are consistent with a flammable substance being placed on the body and set on fire.

“[The burns are] consistent with a flammable liquid that was placed on the victim and set on fire.”

Neighbors report that they often heard Wright yelling at the young girl and indicated that she was not a good mother. Those in the area say that the woman was verbally abusive to the girl frequently. Another witness claims that Wright poured gas on the child and then threw a match on her. This resulted in the girl’s burns that were so bad that he skin was peeling off her face. Neighbor Frank Taylor said the girl’s injuries were “really severe.”

“She was burned so bad the skin was peeling off her face and everything … it was really, really severe.”

This isn’t the first time that Wright has had a run in with the law. In fact, Daily Mail reports that Porche Wright has previously faced charges including prostitution, domestic violence, and disorderly conduct. Neighbors use the term “them” when referring to the verbal abuse of Wright’s child indicating that other children may live in the home with the woman. There is no word on whether additional children have been removed from the home following the fire incident.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time a person has been charged with attempted murder after setting someone on fire. One New York man doused a woman in lighter fluid and set her face on fire.

Despite the young girl’s serious burns and injuries from the incident, she is expected to survive. The Sacramento Police Department says that Wright has been arrested and appeared in court today. She is being charged with attempted murder after setting the girl on fire.

[Image Credit: Sacramento Police Department]