Kanye West Apologizes To Daniel Ramos After Yeezus Allegedly Attacked Paparazzo [Photo]

When Kanye West apologized to Daniel Ramos as seen in the photo above, you have to wonder what was going through Yeezus’ mind. Kanye was apparently required to apologize after allegedly attacking the paparazzo, and that grin almost screams, “Let me get this over with and get out of here.”

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According to People, on July 19, 2013, Kanye West attacked the paparazzo outside Los Angeles Intentional Airport (LAX) and then wrestled his camera away while on the ground. The 37-year-old singer originally claimed he was not guilty to charges of misdemeanor battery and attempted grand theft, saying he was acting in self-defense. The rapper was able to get out of the misdemeanor battery charge by pleading no contest, but the civil lawsuit by Daniel Ramos was set to occur.

“This case was set for trial next week on April 14, 2015,” the paparazzo’s lawyer, Gloria Allred, said. “However, today we filed a dismissal because the case was settled to the satisfaction of the parties. We cannot discuss the details of the settlement, except to say that one important aspect of it was an apology by Kanye West to our client, Daniel Ramos.”

Yeezus apparently dodged the bullet, but the terms of the settlement apparently had one little extra stipulation: Kanye West apologizes with a handshake while gritting his teeth all the way while photographers caught the rare event on camera. It is possible the terms of the settlement also included Kanye paying out some cash to Ramos, but no one knows for sure.

Either way, Allred made it clear that Ramos’ intention was to create a new golden rule for all celebrities: thou shall not assault the paparazzi, even if your name is Yeezus.

“We are very proud of our client Danny Ramos and his courage in bringing and pursuing this case which was so important to him and many other celebrity photographers,” Allred said, according to TMZ. “We believe that this case sent an important message. Celebrities are not above the law, and they have no right to physically attack someone simply because they were asked a question.”

Still, even as Kanye West apologizes, he is not getting away from this incident with just a smile and a handshake. The rapper is also on probation for the attack, apology or not.

[Image from Gloria Allred]