Eileen Davidson Says Kim Richards’ Claim She Has Dirt On Lisa’s Rinna’s Hubby is ‘Laughable’

As part two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 5 reunion show aired, some of its stars took to Twitter to reveal their reactions and opinions on what was unfolding on TV. One person who made her opinion very clear is newcomer Eileen Davidson. Eileen posted a tweet that let everyone know that she finds Kim Richards’ claim that she has some dirt on fellow newcomer Lisa Rinna’s husband, actor Harry Hamlin, to be “laughable” and “non-existent.”


During the reunion, Lisa confronted Kim about what she said during the women’s first group dinner in Amsterdam. During the group dinner, Kim, angry that Lisa again brought up the issue of her sobriety, lashed out at her. After Yolanda tried to make peace by pointing out that Lisa is just coming from a place of concern, since her husband has been sober for a few years, Kim said, “Let’s talk about the husband.” Upon hearing her husband’s name, Lisa lunged at Kim and threw a wine glass at her.

At the reunion, Lisa explained why she got so angry. She believes that Kim was threatening to tell a “secret” about Harry, giving the wrong impression to the world that Harry has done something horribly wrong.

“[Kim] violated his character. It was a total injustice. And I blew my f**king lid…”

When host Andy Cohen asked Kim what she meant, Kim said that Lisa knows. Lisa said that she doesn’t know and begged Kim to tell everyone what Harry supposedly did. Kim continued to refuse and said that it’s “private.” Lisa said that Kim now refusing to reveal what she supposedly knows is “chicken s**t” while Eileen described it as a “cop out.” When Kim said that she wouldn’t do that to Lisa’s children, Lisa incredulously asked if Harry “f**ked the dog.” After much prompting, Kim finally admitted she doesn’t know first-hand what Harry did but that she heard it.

Many people replied to Eileen David’s tweet to tell her that they agree that Kim Richards’ claim to know something about Lisa Rinna’s Harry Hamlin is just made up. One person wrote that Kim “creates her own delusional drama” while another wrote that “Kim is a sick liar, just like Brandi [Glanville].”

As the scene played out on TV, Lisa jokingly tweeted that she knows what Harry did.


As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Harry Hamlin voiced his support for Lisa Rinna after her fight with Kim Richards aired on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. He tweeted that he himself wants to know what he did and that Lisa, his “better half,” “will kick some serious booty if [they] are messed with.”

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