Did Bill O’Reilly Really Compare Homosexuals To KKK Members?

Bill O’Reilly is once again being provocative, with some people claiming he is comparing homosexuals to KKK members. Crooks and Liars posted a video of a segment from Bill O’Reilly‘s show Monday night and what he said to Juan Williams has some tongues wagging.

“So, the pizza store didn’t say ‘look, we are not going to sell you a slice of pizza if you’re gay,’ they just didn’t want to go to an event – and the event being a gay marriage. So, if somebody invites you, Juan Williams, to an event, say a Ku Klux Klan rally, all right?”

Juan Williams obviously didn’t think Bill O’Reilly’s comparison was fair and neither did a lot of people on social media. However, it’s quite doubtful that Bill O’Reilly thinks that gay people are like the KKK. He even says in the segment that he is against the KKK. Perhaps O’Reilly was trying to make a comparison about groups people don’t want to deal with, whether right or wrong.

Bill O’Reilly and others have constantly been talking about a family-owned pizzeria in Indiana that is facing a severe backlash for saying they wouldn’t serve a gay wedding. According to the Huffington Post, owner Kevin O’Connor, and his daughter, Crystal O’Connor, said that serving a gay wedding would go against their Christian values. This caused a huge backlash that caused them to close down their business. However, several religious groups have donated at least $840,000 to the father and daugher team.

In an interview with Mediaite last year, Bill O’Reilly said that his views on gay marriage have evolved.

“And on an issue like gay marriage, I am a traditional guy. I think that the family unit should be encouraged on all levels, and as long as the society acknowledges that heterosexual marriage is the ‘norm,’ then it doesn’t bother me if other people come into the tent. We are a country that’s supposed to give people an equal shot at happiness. If it makes gay people happy to be recognized, I really don’t have a problem. As long as society upholds the traditional as, look, if you can get this, this is a strength.”

This is quite a turn for Bill O’Reilly, who spent his early days at Fox News bashing gay people, gay marriage, etc. He even supported a constitutional amendment proposed by George W. Bush that would “protect” traditional marriage. He continues to be harshly criticized by the gay media. What do you think of Bill O’Reilly’s statements? Tell us in the comments section.

[Photo Credit: Salon]