‘Diablo 3’ Gets New Legendary Items With Patch 2.2

Diablo 3 players are in for a treat today with the release of patch 2.2. Nephalem playing on the current generation of consoles and PC can enjoy the new features, updated legendary items, and much more before the next season starts on PC. Blizzard Entertainment, the action-RPG’s developer, announced the patch’s release today on the official Twitter account for the Diablo franchise.

This patch lays the groundwork for the PC’s Season 3, but a number of other features, changes, and additions are a part of the update. Highlights of the Diablo 3 build include players’ ability to increase their blood shard cap by completing Solo Greater Rifts, new legendary potions, update existing legendary items, and the ability to craft a whole selection of gems at once rather than waiting for each to craft individually.

One of the nicer quality-of-life updates in the patch is the removal of health potion drops. Players will now have a reusable basic health potion as opposed to picking up potions constantly or needlessly once a legendary potion is equipped. The full list of patch notes, including many mob and class changes, can be found on the official Diablo 3 website.

Diablo 3
Diablo 3 (Activision / Blizzard)

Of course, new legendary items are probably the biggest lure for many Diablo 3 players. Brand new legendary items for Season 3 are in the patch. For example, Witch Doctors will be able to enjoy a new ring called Short Man’s Finger that makes the class’ Gargantuan ability summon three smaller gargantuan creatures rather than one. For console players, these new items are available now while PC players can start finding them on April 10 when Season 3 releases.

With patch 2.2 launched, PC players have Season 3’s release to anticipate. Patch 2.2 added several brand new legendary items that console players can start looting now; however, PC players must wait for the third season to start before being able to loot Season 3 legendary weapons and gear. Console players do not experience seasonal play so those new items are generally immediately available when a Diablo 3 patch like this launches.

The Inquisitr wrote about this practice and the release of Season 3 just days ago. The official preview of Season 3 by Blizzard Entertainment and information on how seasonal characters, items, and paragon experience transfer to non-seasonal pools were two points of interest.

Which new legendary items will you be hunting for now that patch 2.2 is out?

[Images via Battle.net]