Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield ‘Taking A Break’ Despite Discussing Marriage

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have split up…for now. According to People Magazine, the actors have decided to take a bit of a break, each focusing on different things in their respective lives right now. Sources say that “it’s too early” to say that they won’t get back together, and the two had reportedly been talking about getting married before this relationship hiatus.

“He’s thrown himself in the project to the detriment of all else, but it’s too early to say the relationship is over. Emma understands his work anxieties – it’s why she originally pulled out of Cabaret last year and only did it this year – but they’re taking a break from seeing each other. They’re both a slave to their schedules. This time last year they were privately discussing marriage.”

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield sparked plenty of break-up rumors when they weren’t spotted together at any award shows this season. According to E! News, Stone walked every red carpet without her guy, and that was a surefire sign that the two had been having problems. It might really just be a scheduling thing, however, and making their relationship long distance can be tricky for sure.

Naturally, fans want to see these two together, but sources say that they aren’t on bad terms whatsoever, which is definitely important. The two could be back together by the summer, if they really are just taking time apart because they can’t be physically together.

“Stone and Garfield remain very friendly and on good terms, so the break appears to be connected to actual physical distance, the two having to spend a lot of time apart because of work.”

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield manage to keep themselves out of the tabloids for the most part, which is a saving grace for their relationship as they are able to keep things pretty quiet. When they do make headlines, however, it’s usually for something work-related… or a good, old-fashioned wardrobe malfunction.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Emma had a pretty big “oops” during the Oscars. She accidentally flashed her crotch while picking up her dress to walk. Fortunately, Emma was wearing underwear, so people only got a shot of her panties, and nothing more.

Do you think Emma and Andrew will end up getting back together? Do you think the two will end up getting married?

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]