Kendall Jenner Twitter Hacked: Kendall’s Twitter Account Jokes About Bulimia, Bruce’s Transformation

Kendall Jenner’s Twitter account was hacked on Tuesday afternoon. Fans were alarmed to see the 19-year-old aspiring model going off on the social networking site. Kendall was believed to have tweeted about her dad’s alleged transformation and her rumored secret relationship with Justin Bieber. The tweets were quickly removed from Kendall’s account, although fans were able to capture some of the strange and bizarre messages.

Jenner supposedly tweeted a series of strange and bizarre tweets that were also offensive in nature.

“Follow @ThyClerk and @f**kcynical or I’m go bulimic again bruh.”

“My dad got the sex change, he’s officially a woman now, we can finally have lesbian sex #sweg Confirmed from @ThyClerk and @f**kcynical.”

“Just got done slobbing on @justinbieber’s nob #SloppyToppy #KKK.”

Several of Kendall’s fans were able to retweet and fave the tweets. Fans were even able to get screen captures of the tweets before they were quickly removed from her account. As you can see, Kendall’s tweets include a tag of two accounts, who are supposedly the people behind the hack. Both accounts have also been removed since no one can access them.


A quick Google search shows that @ThyClerk was also responsible for the Twitter hacking of Taylor Swift. The hacker reportedly broke into the singer’s social media accounts and posted bizarre photos and messages on Twitter and Instagram. The hackers also reported that they had nude photos of Swift, but they never followed through on their promise. Instead, hackers asked fans to purchase Swift’s nudes for a certain amount of Bitcoin, which is electronic money that’s typically used for illegal purchases on the deep web.

Taylor Swift hit back at the hackers, saying that she didn’t have any nudes.

“PS any hackers saying they have ‘nudes’? Psssh you’d love that you wouldn’t you! Have fun photoshopping cause you got NOTHING.”

It looks like the hackers really had nothing since they only leaked Taylor’s direct messages with Lena Dunham and her other friends in the entertainment industry.

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It’s any wonder if the hackers will now threaten Kendall Jenner. It doesn’t appear that Twitter is messing around since both of the hackers’ accounts have been temporarily suspended. It looks like these hackers won’t be able to use social media to threaten the model and reality star. Jenner herself hasn’t also spoken out about the hack.

Us Weekly reported that she took to Instagram to show some love for her dad earlier today. Kendall shared a photo of the former Olympian on a billboard in Los Angeles. She captioned the photo: “Daddyyyy!” The billboard was overlooking the replica of the iconic Hollywood sign, according to the source. This comes on the heels of the news that Bruce Jenner will speak to Diane Sawyer in a two-hour interview about his gender reassignment surgery. This also comes after the news that Kendall was misquoted in an interview with Us Weekly about her father’s transformation. Kendall Jenner is obviously proud of her father and wouldn’t slam him on social media.

[Image: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Marc by Marc Jacobs]