Pi Day 2009: Activities, Links, and Plenty of Pi Songs

If you’re still longing for the mathematical high you felt on Square Root Day last week, the wait is almost over: This Saturday, March 14, is National Pi Day. Ready to break out your calculator and celebrate?

Pi Day 2009: The Digits of Pi

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, March 14, 2009 is designated Pi Day because of its numerical date: 3-14, i.e. the mathematical constant of pi. The number 3.14, of course, is actually just a rounded version of the number — the figure itself has an infinite number of digits after its decimal. You can see the first 10,000 of the digits of pi here, if you’re so inclined.

Pi Day Activities

So what’s one to do on National Pi Day 2009, aside from reveling in the joy of 3.14? Some cities are holding official celebrations. You can find a slew of other Pi Day activities for kids at this site by Scholastic. And a detailed history of pi awaits you here. If you’re still itching for mathematical satisfaction, check out this page at the Joy of Pi. It’s bursting with 3.14-related activities and information.

The official Pi Day site also offers e-cards, history info on pi, and pi-related merchandise.

Pi Day is also Albert Einstein’s birthday. You can find a whole kit of games and activities to celebrate Einstein-style here.

Pi Songs

If you want to ring in Pi Day in a low-key fashion, so to speak, you could always try rocking out to the pi song. A guy named Felix Jung took the time to convert pi’s digits into a musical form, and you can help compose the specific tune. Go here.

Or, sit back and relax to the sounds of these Pi Song renditions:

The Pi Song:

The Pi Song (instrumental piano version):

The Pi Song (rap version)

Another Pi Song Rap:

Should all of this be giving you a headache, try the simplest celebration of all: Pi Day, apple-style. Here’s to 3.14!