Beyoncé Is Not Touring With Destiny’s Child

Sorry to disappoint, but Beyoncé has no plans to tour with Destiny’s Child. It appears that the Daily Mail created a story out of thin air that claims Bey is about to go on a ten-year tour with her former band mates.

Daily Mail Online has learned exclusively that the threesome want to do another ten-year reunion tour and intend to cut a reunion album – but they won’t use the group name for that either. And it’s all by design.”

First of all, why would Beyoncé go on a ten-year tour while her current career is hot? However, leave it to the Daily Mail to talk to some anonymous “sources” in coming up with their story. The newspaper goes on to say that although Destiny’s child is a threesome, Beyoncé’s father is creating friction since he owns part of the group. Supposedly, none of the members of Destiny’s Child want Mathew Knowles involved.

Even though the story sounded completely false, it didn’t stop other media outlets from covering it without doing any fact checking. However, as usual, Gossip Cop researched the Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child rumors and says they got the real information from a representative of Beyoncé’s..

“Destiny’s Child is NOT set for a reunion tour and new album, despite an entirely made-up Daily Mail report claiming Beyonce is reuniting the iconic group for new music and concerts following the trio’s recent one-off performance at the Stellar Gospel Awards. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the story.”

The site cleared up the false rumors, which seem to be the norm on the Internet these days. The Internet is also full of negative trolls and some of them have set their venom on Beyoncé after she posted a video singing a song called “Die With You” to her husband Jay-Z.


Beyoncé debuted her video “Die With You” on her husband Jay-Z’s new Tidal network, which has received a lot of backlash since being announced last week. However, Helienne Lindvall of the Guardian has defended Tidal.

“I’d rather have my music on a service that is majority-owned by music creators, rather than owned by venture capitalists looking for a quick turnaround on their investment, hoping to be able to cash out with a big IPO payday.”

It’s true that Tidal is not only run by Beyoncé and Jay-Z, but Madonna, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, and others as well. It will take at least six months before anybody can call Tidal a success or failure. Perhaps Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child will perform an exclusive concert for the service sometime very soon.

[Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]