Bobcat Attacks Shark: Photographer Captures Stunning Scene On Florida Beach

Dustin Wicksell

A lucky photographer managed to capture a startling interaction between two predators in Florida, as he spied a bobcat pouncing into the surf after a shark, before it pulled the thrashing fish out of the water.

The unusual image was captured on Monday at Sebastian Inlet State Park in Vero Beach, according to First Coast News. Photographer John Bailey was walking along the surf in the evening when he spied the bobcat intently focused on something in the water. Upon closer inspection, Bailey was able to determine that the bobcat was watching a four-foot-long shark as it preyed upon smaller fish in the shallows.

What happened next was nothing short of astonishing, according to the photographer. With little warning, the bobcat sprang into the sea, grabbing the shark in its jaws and pulling the struggling predator ashore. The bobcat's victory was short lived, however, as Bailey believes he startled the animal, causing it to drop the shark on the sand and retreat into a nearby forest.

— Meagan Harris (@MeaganMHarris) April 7, 2015

"There is no reason to believe it's fake," she noted.

Bobcats aren't considered overly aggressive, and wildlife experts pointed out that the species is far from uncommon along Florida beaches. Despite this fact, Busch Wildlife Sanctuary Animal Care Director Amy Kight expressed her surprise that Bailey was able to capture the predator in action, according to WPTV.

"My first reaction was amazement that somebody actually took that picture because bobcats are generally very, very reclusive. You don't really see them out and about too often."

— OCEARCH (@OCEARCH) April 4, 2015

Wildlife officials also theorized that the bobcat may have been a female, and that it may have intended the shark to be a meal for its offspring.

[Image: John Bailey via First Coast News]