Janoris Jenkins, Top 2012 NFL Draft Prospect, Comes Clean on Arrests, Drug Issues

When North Alabama Cornerback and Top 2012 NFL Draft prospect Janoris Jenkins met the media at the NFL Combine Sunday, he was hammered with questions about his past drug use and getting kicked off of his former team (Florida Gators).

To Jenkins’ credit, he answered every question, regardless of how touchy the subject.

Jenkins addressed his failed a drug test and three separate arrests while with the Gators. He also discussed a bar fight that he was involved a part of in May 2009 as well as two marijuana possession arrests in a three-month span in 2011.

“I’m done with marijuana forever. I can’t do it man,” Jenkins said when asked about his drug use. He and others around him say he has been clean ever since being kicked out of Florida in 2011 following the second drug arrest.

The honesty is not a new tactic for Jenkins, who spoke with the Dolphins at the Senior Bowl last month. At that event, he was even more forthright about his past.

“I was just being a college kid, partying, having fun, doing things that aren’t really acceptable,” he said at the time. “It showed me that in order to get where I wanted to go, I’ve got to eliminate some things and some people.”

After being kicked out at Florida, Jenkins landed at North Alabama where instead of playing front of nearly 100,000 people on Saturdays, he was in front of abut 3,500 on Thursdays. But the different schedule allowed Jenkins to watch his former teammates.

“I watched my old teammates play. And it struck me then. Man, I’m supposed to be on the field those guys,” Jenkins said.

Check out some of Janoris Jenkins‘ highlights from the 2011 season at the University of North Alabama below: