Mario Singer ‘Betrayed’ Ramona, Claims The ‘RHONY’ Star, But Brought Her & Bethenny Frankel Closer Together

Mario Singer’s ongoing divorce from Ramona has been beneficial to her relationship with her Real Housewives of New York City co-star, Bethenny Frankel, who is also in the midst of a divorce.

In an new interview with Huffington Post Live, via a April 7 report by Us Weekly, Ramona spoke of Mario Singer’s betrayal, which was made public several months ago.

“Being betrayed by your spouse is probably the worst thing that can happen to a person, and it humbled me big time. You’re going to see a side I’ve never exposed before: A more sensitive, fun side.”

At the end of 2013, word hit the web, claiming Mario Singer had engaged in an affair with a much-younger socialite in New York City. Although buzz surrounding Mario Singer’s alleged infidelity eventually died down, it was reignited in early 2014, when Ramona reportedly caught Mario Singer and his mystery woman, who was later revealed to be Kasey Dexter, at their vacation home in The Hamptons.

At that point, Ramona filed for divorce from Mario Singer. However, their relationship still wasn’t over, and months later, the pair reunited, and gave their marriage another shot. Then, in July of last year, Ramona reportedly caught Mario Singer again, and this time, he wasn’t ready to cut ties with his alleged mistress.

“[Mario Singer] basically had a midlife crisis. I wasn’t going to wait for another four years for him to get over it, if he ever got over it.”

While Mario Singer’s betrayal came as a huge blow to Ramona, it has had its upsides, one of which was Ramona’s relationship with Frankel. Although the pair have had their ups and downs, Ramona claims her divorce from Mario Singer has brought them closer.

“You’re going to see us bond in a different way. She’s a tough cookie, and we fight like cats, but there’s some situations she and I had, where the old Ramona would let it continue. If she’s getting angry at me now, it’s something else going on in her life, not me. I have more patience for her [this season].”

As the Inquisitr reported, Patti Stanger recently claimed she and Jill Zarin saw Mario Singer cheating on Ramona in The Hamptons. During an interview with Andy Cohen, via Radar Online, Stanger revealed Mario Singer was at a party with his mistress, and making no real attempt to hide the relationship.

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