LeAnn Rimes Bikini: Country Singer Posts Selfie Of Her Wearing A 2-Piece Printed Bikini

A LeAnn Rimes bikini picture is turning up some volume after the country singer posted a selfie on Instagram Monday. She snapped a picture of herself standing in front of a full-length body mirror wearing a two-piece print bikini. It’s hard to tell where the photo was taken, but it was over Easter vacation. She calls it a “gratuitous bikini pic,” and is enjoying sharing it with her followers.

Leanne Rimes Bikini

“Well, here’s the first #gratuitousbikinipic #RVlife @lulifamaswimwear #oldiebutagoodie one of my favorite fitting swimsuits EVER! I always have the camera taking pics of everyone else so this is what you get…til tmrw great first day of #springbreak2015”

Looking tanned and toned, the blonde star is kicking off summer early. It’s unclear where she and husband, Eddie Cibrian, were spending their time, but it was sunny, as seen in the next photo. The 32-year-old posted a photo of herself beside Cibrian in the beautiful sunshine.

“Moments like this we’ll remember forever #peaceful #offinnowhereland @trustthebum”

The singer/reality TV star also posted a picture of herself trying a red clay mask on her face. Like a lot of celebrities, the trend seems to be sharing skincare secrets and makeup tricks.

Daily Mail reports that the couple were spending their Easter vacation with Cibrian’s two sons.

In August of last year, Rimes posted a selfie that may or may not have been on purpose. As Inquisitr reported, LeAnne was making pancakes when a photo of her revealed her nearly naked bottom that was seen in the reflection of a mirror. Though she hurriedly removed the image, several followers were able to get a glimpse of the risque shot. The incident was added into the LeAnn and Eddie reality show on VH1 (the program wasn’t renewed for a second season). The episode was called “Eating and Tweeting” and it dealt with LeAnn’s “Butt-gate.”

It’s been talked about many times that LeAnn is on the verge of being too thin. A few years ago she had a more emaciated appearance, but she’s possibly less so compared to a year or two back. It was even being speculated that she was trying too hard to emulate many aspects of her looks after her husband’s ex-wife, Brandi Glanville of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Some of those speculations have eased up, but it was suspect for quite a while.

What do you think of LeAnn Rimes’ bikini selfie she posted over her Easter holiday vacation?

[Photo Credit: LeAnn Rimes/Instagram]