Aaron Hernandez Trial Verdict Watch: Twitter Reacts As Jury Deliberations Begin

Closing arguments in the Aaron Hernandez murder trial were heard on Tuesday. Now a jury of seven women and five men will decide the fate of the former New England Patriots star who has pleaded not guilty to the June 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd.

The well-publicized case has been a popular topic on Twitter throughout the almost 10-week trial. After closing arguments wrapped up, a Twitter jury made up of friends and foes shared their opinions about what they think the verdict will be.

I am 100% sure jury will be hung or NG, i am 100% sure of this, do u know wht 100% means? it means i wld bet anything on it #AaronHernandez — #No1FollowsMe (help) (@THOTcoBell) April 4, 2015

Now that both the prosecution and defense have had their say, the #AaronHernandez hashtag will be accompanied by the hashtag #VerdictWatch on Twitter. The jury will start a full day of deliberations on Wednesday. Once their decision is made, expect the reading of the verdict to be aired live online, on CNN, and HLN TV, as well as some local Boston-area TV channels.

According to Sports Illustrated legal analyst Michael McCann, the jury must be unanimous in their decision and find Hernandez guilty of murder in the first degree, murder in the second degree, or not guilty. A hung jury is a possibility, but McCann cited a 2004 study that suggests this occurs only 10 to 15 percent of the time.

How long will it take until a verdict is reached? WPRI-12 reports that jurors will deliberate weekdays until 4:30 p.m. each day until a verdict is reached. Judge Garsh told the jury that they can request to stay longer if necessary. With the testimony of more than 130 witnesses, and piles of documentation to sift through, a decision may not come quickly. As always, there is plenty of speculation on Twitter.

Aaron Hernandez’s courtroom time is far from over. Once a verdict is reached in the Odin Lloyd murder case, he will move on to his next murder trial. According to the Boston Globe, the former New England Patriots TE also faces double murder charges for allegedly killing two men in Boston in July 2012. Even if a “not guilty” verdict is reached in the Lloyd murder trial, Hernandez may be held in jail until his next case goes to trial.

[Images: USA Today, CBS, Twitter]