Suzanne Somers Dedicates A Nostalgic ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Tribute To John Ritter [Video]

Suzanne Somers took an opportunity to pay respect to her past and to say goodbye to her former co-star, John Ritter, with a Three’s Company themed foxtrot on Dancing With The Stars. The stage was set with a recreation of the Three’s Company set and the music selection for this Dancing With The Stars number, of course, was the theme song to that hit sitcom, which ran from 1977 to 1984, according to USA Today.

Ms. Somers took a moment to reflect on the past, during her Dancing With The Stars pre-dance interview, and shared with audiences the love she had for Mr. Ritter and alluded to the on-screen chemistry Somers shared with Ritter, which she expressed as only coming along once in a lifetime.

“This one’s for you John,” Suzanne said. “It’s the dance that Chrissy and John never got to have.”

Ms. Somers’ dance partner, Tony Dovolani, played Jack Tripper, the role made famous by John Ritter, in a Three’s Company sketch, which led into the foxtrot routine. Dovolani did his best to step into the big shoes left by Mr. Ritter, while Suzanne Somers once again donned her trademark Chrissy Snow pigtails for the Dancing With The Stars routine.

Dancing With The Stars judges were seemingly won over, praising the routine Somers performed with partner Dovolani.

“I liked the concept. I liked the content. I liked the dance,” said Len Goodman.

“You were totally in your element. It was fun. It was charming,” noted Julianne Hough.

The Dancing With The Stars routine created an emotional moment for Ms. Somers and the nostalgia didn’t end with the conclusion of the foxtrot. Suzanne later posted photographic keepsakes to her Instagram account.

“A legendary comedian and even dearer friend. I love you, John,” Somers captioned the photograph of herself together with Mr. Ritter.

Suzanne Somers together with John Ritter. Photo courtesy of Suzanne Somers/Instagram.

Although Three’s Company ran from 1977 to 1984, Ms. Somers departed the show in 1982 over a salary dispute, which also created animosity between herself and her two costars, John Ritter and Joyce DeWitt. In 2002, Ritter’s wife arranged for Somers to meet with John, enabling the two to reconcile shortly before an aortic dissection claimed his life. Years later in 2012, DeWitt appeared on an internet show hosted by Somers herself, allowing the two to reunite and to reconcile before a live audience.

Dancing With The Stars airs Monday nights on ABC.