Jill Duggar Reveals ‘Not Everything Went As Expected’ With New Baby With Derick Dillard

Jill Duggar Dillard and husband Derick Dillard welcomed their long-awaited new bundle of joy, Israel David, on April 6. The baby was delivered more than a week past his due date, according to the New York Post. The baby boy weighed a healthy nine pounds, 10 ounces, and measured 23 inches long.

But not everything went as planned, according to Jill. She didn’t explain what she meant when she said this, and speculation is that she was not able to have the home birth that the couple planned, according to E!

Nothing was confirmed, but a source told E! News that if Jill needed labor to be induced, that would require being in a hospital. The source also noted that for a birth after 42 weeks would need a doctor’s permission if labor was to occur at home with a midwife in attendance. According to E!, Jill stated the following.

“Not everything went as expected. So we were reminded of the verse that the Bible talks about when ‘Man plans his way but the Lord directs his steps.’ We were encouraged by that. He’s just a handsome little fella and we’d like everybody to stay tuned to TLC. May fifth, they’re going to be showing the birth episode as well as things surrounding that.”

So it looks like we’ll have to stay tuned and watch 19 Kids and Counting to find out specifically what went awry. But at least Jill and Derick’s Baby Dilly is said to be healthy and well-loved. And Jim Bob and Michelle seem to be beyond thrilled with the new addition to their ever-growing clan. In Michelle’s Blog, she exclaimed their joy as follows.

“Yeah!!! Our sweet new grandson, Israel David Dillard is here. We love him so much already and we love his name! Our Jill is doing wonderful and Derick seems to have a permanent smile on his face now! Israel is precious and his arrival is just another reminder of how very precious life is and how every child is a gift from God. We are happy grandparents!”

And where did the baby’s name come from? According to an article in the Inquisitr, the Duggar family is somewhat obsessed with Israel, most likely because of its connection to the Bible. Derick purchased Jill’s engagement ring in Israel, and Jill fell in love with the country when her family visited in 2011. As far as names are concerned, Jill also doesn’t intend to follow her family’s tradition of naming all their kids with the same first letter.

[Photo Courtesy Facebook, Duggar Family Official page]