Pregnant Government Benefits Mother-Of-11 Planning $14K Trip To Vegas To Renew Vows, Sparks Outrage

Cheryl Prudham has been making headlines for quite some time due to her relatively controversial lifestyle. The mother-of-11 has been receiving more than $55,000 annually in government benefits for several years and she isn’t ashamed of the staggering windfall she receives from the government each year.

Surprisingly, the substantial amount is actually in addition to her husband Robert’s $28,000 salary as a delivery driver. Then, to add insult to injury, the 33-year-old mother is pregnant with her twelfth child. However, that’s not all. She’s also reportedly planning a $14,000 trip to Las Vegas, NV to renew her wedding vows — with taxpayer money.

Reports about Prudham’s trip comes just months after it was reported that she and her husband had separated. But, apparently, the two have decided not to call it quits and they’re planning to celebrate their reconciliation by renewing their vows. According to the Daily Mail, the infamous couple plans to “spare no expense,” with a $300 per night hotel, and a $1,500 wedding dress. It has also been reported that their extravagant trip will include sightseeing and helicopter rides around the city.

A alleged source close to the notable mother-of-11 recently shared details about the trip with Daily Star.

“It’s the kind of trip they’ve always dreamed of so it’s ­no-expense spared. It’s the sort of luxury holiday most people with jobs could never afford,” the source said. “But as far as Cheryl is concerned she’s earned it. She’s laughing all the way to the bank – or Las Vegas, in this case.”

Needless to say, Prudham has sparked outrage yet again. Many readers and social media users have voiced their concerns and frustrations over Prudham’s seemingly frivolous spending. Although the children are innocent, many readers have also accused Prudham of abusing the system by continuing to have more children.

“Those benefits are paid for her children. It should be spent on them eating fresh fruit and vegetables and good meat. Any extra on sport or music lessons etc. Not for the mother to dump them and go on holiday.”

“They need to review this woman’s benefit payments,if she can afford this trip then she is getting too much money, or give her vouchers to spend on food and clothes rather than the money.”

The Taxpayers’ Alliance has also voiced concerns about Prudham’s choice to continue having children.

“It’s not for the state to say how many children anyone should have, but there is a limit to the number of children taxpayers can support. Couples up and down the country face tough decisions all the time when they decide if they can afford another child, and those on benefits should be no different.”

Do you think Cheryl Prudham deserves government benefits or is she abusing the system? Share your thoughts.

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