‘RHOBH’ Feud: Lisa Rinna Defends Her Hair After Brandi Glanville Disses Her For The Style

The RHOBH feud between Lisa Rinna and Brandi Glanville hit a new low during filming on the season 5 reunion. During the taping, Glanville dissed the soap star for rocking the same hairstyle for the last “20 years.”

On Twitter on April 7, Rinna fought back against Glanville and their RHOBH feud, and rocked her signature hairstyle loud and proud, captioning a photo, “Being very sultry glam at 6:am for @AHLive co hosting this morning with Bushy.”

In the comments section of the photo, Rinna’s fans weighed in on her look with comments, including “beautiful,” “gorgeous,” “fierce” and “stunning,” which seemed to be a clear sign of whose side they were on in the RHOBH feud.

In a report by Us Weekly, Rinna and Glanville’s RHOBH feud erupted at the reunion after Rinna said she based a character on Glanville. In the scene, Rinna described the character as a trashy mother of two, and claimed she was inspired to act the part as Glanville would.

In response to the RHOBH feud, Glanville fired back, asking Rinna, “You’ve had the same hairdo for 20 years, and you’re basing it on my look?”

While Rinna moved on from the RHOBH feud fairly quickly during filming, she readdressed the issue on April 7, while co-hosting an episode of Access Hollywood Live with Billy Bush.

“I actually like my hair. I think it’s fine! I’ve had it for a long time, yes. I did grow it out when Delilah Belle was born, which was 16 years ago, so it hasn’t exactly been the same. I’ve had different versions of it. [But] it works.”

Rinna went on to say that despite her RHOBH feud with Glanville, she has no plans to change her hair. In addition, Rinna claimed her husband, Harry Hamlin, is a fan of the look, thus giving her even more reason to keep her hair as is.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Rinna weighed in on her RHOBH feud in her Bravo blog last week. In the April 1 post, the soap star called out Glanville for her drinking, stating that while she may not be an alcoholic, her antics certainly aren’t a positive thing for the RHOBH cast.

“I think Lisa V. said it perfectly when she spoke of Brandi’s drinking. She’s absolutely right to point out that that when Brandi drinks, it may not be a problem in her life, but it certainly becomes our group’s problem when she does it around us.”

For more of this RHOBH feud, as well as others, tune into the second part of the season five reunion at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

[Photo via Twitter]