Report: Israel Won’t Warn US Before Iran Strike

Intelligence reports are saying that Israel will not warn the United States before launching a preemptive strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities. These reports come after weeks of closed door cooperation between Israel and the United States. Those with knowledge of the situation say that Israel does not want the United States to be seen as having endorsed the strike and likewise Israel does not want to give the US the opportunity to convince them out of an attack.

This week Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barack is heading to the United States for talks with the Americans about Iran. Next week Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected in the US for talks with President Obama. The sole focus of the visits is to discuss the Iranian nuclear program and a western response.

The United States is generally viewed as being against an imminent strike against Iranian targets. President Obama wants to give crippling sanctions time to work. The US President says the sanctions are already having an effect. The Israelis say that by the time the sanctions can be judged as being successful the Iranians may already have developed nuclear weapons.

The Israelis and United States believe that Iran is using its Uranium enrichment program to develop and manufacture nuclear weapons. The Islamic Republic claims it is enriching Uranium for purposes of generating electricity and for medical research.

United States Defense Secretary Leon Panetta believes that we are only weeks away from an Israeli strike against Iranian targets.

Do you think it is wise for Israel to keep America in the dark over an Iranian Strike?