Bobbi Kristina Brown Update: Nick Gordon Remains Under Investigation

As speculations of Nick Gordon and his involvement in Bobby Kristina’s condition continue to increase, many are wondering if he will be charged for the January 31 incident that left the young star in a coma that she’s yet to come out of. Gordon still remains under investigation after the Roswell Police Department suspected foul play left Bobby Kristina hanging onto her life in an Atlanta hospital.

Gordon, 26, was reportedly arguing with Bobbi Kristina the day she was found unconscious in her bathtub. Gordon himself has yet to say exactly what they were arguing about or why. Georgia’s Roswell Police Department confirmed that they feel that Bobbi Kristina’s condition wasn’t an accident and that the ongoing investigation is still being treated as a criminal incident. Earlier this year, Rusty Grant, Police Chief at the Roswell Police Department, stated that they are “going to follow the evidence and see where it leads us.”

Aside from his mother, Michelle Gordon, there hasn’t been a lot of support coming Gordon’s way. Last month, Bobby Brown’s sister, Leolah Brown, announced on Facebook that Gordon is currently under investigation for the attempted murder of Bobbi Kristina Brown. On March 15, however, another person stepped in to help Gordon. Jerod Brown, Bobby Kristina’s cousin, posted on Facebook, defending Gordon from the rumors and speculations surrounding him.

“For the record: Nick has cooperated with the police department, he has cooperated with my uncle Bobby’s request, He has given my family members as much information as he can, he has been exploited on national television with hidden cameras that he had no idea about, He has given Kristina CPR which is one of the reasons why she is not dead till this day, he has been ridiculed and accused without any concrete evidence yet he still hasn’t gotten the chance to visit his girl. If everyone truly believes that Nick is the blame for this situation wouldn’t you think he would already be locked up by now #Facts.”

To make matters worse for Gordon, his appearance on the March 11 The Dr. Phil Show episode left numerous people questioning his motives. While the intent of appearing on the show was to tell his side of the story, it ended up showing a highly intoxicated Gordon, slurring his words and crying incessantly.

Gordon left the interview several times, but reappeared acting more erratically, claiming how difficult his life has been since the day Bobbi Kristina was found unconscious. Yet, he never once detailed exactly what happened that day.

Prior to appearing on The Dr. Phil Show, Gordon lashed out numerous times on Twitter, bashing Bobby Brown and others in Bobbi Kristina’s family. He also proclaimed his innocence and stated that he could make Bobbi Kristina awaken if only the family would allow him to see her. Yet, when given the opportunity to visit, Gordon’s attorneys advised him not to agree with stipulations set forth by Bobby Brown.

Nick Gordon is reportedly in a drug rehabilitation program after his unstable behavior on The Dr. Phil Show.

Recently, speculation surfaced regarding Gordon’s involvement in pop superstar Whitney Houston’s death. Although Gordon is not a suspect in the case nor is the case open for any form of criminal investigation, his mother recently said that he gave Houston CPR prior to her death. Gordon claims he gave Bobbi Kristina CPR when he found her comatose. The two situations are eerily similar, which has brought about an entirely new ordeal for Gordon to face.

Meanwhile, Bobbi Kristina Brown remains in a medically-induced coma at Atlanta’s Dekalb Medical hospital. There is still no word of any improvement.

(Photo Courtesy of Christopher Polk/Getty Images)