B.B. King Hospitalized, 89 Year Old Blues Legend Admitted On Saturday

World renowned blues Musician B.B. King was taken to the hospital on Saturday after he began to feel odd. Upon arrival at the Las Vegas hospital, medical staff performed routine tests to identify his ailment. After an initial examination, it was determined that B.B. King was dehydrated. The dehydration is thought to be attributed to the Type 2 diabetes that has plagued B.B. King for the last 20 years. King was forced to cancel his tour last year due to a similar incident that was accompanied by a bout of exhaustion.

Fox News reports that King’s representatives did not initially respond to requests for comment from the news media. However, his daughter Claudette eventually came forward and confirmed that he was hospitalized for dehydration. However, she and the rest of the family were quite concerned about his condition, due to his age.

B.B. King has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes for at least 20 years and has been able to control the symptoms rather well. However, within the last six months, he has been hospitalized twice for dehydration complications caused by the disease. Due to his age, a youthful 89 years old, family is worried that his continued touring schedule might be taking a toll on his health.

Over his career, B.B. King has released more than 50 albums, according to The Clarion Ledger. Yet, he shows no sign of slowing down. Although his daughter shared that King is doing “much better”, B.B. decided to take his message to social media and announce that he would not be staying in the hospital long.

“I want to thank everyone for their concern and good wishes. I’m feeling much better and am leaving the hospital today.”

It is unknown how much time B.B. King will take to rest before taking his act back out on the road, but if history repeats itself, it won’t be long.

Fans of B.B. King wish him the best and understand that his health is more important than a live performance. However, B.B. King felt awful for missing shows in October due to hospitalization for the same reasons. After a performance in St. Louis, which was riddled with poor performance, leading to many fans booing and leaving early, B.B. King formally apologized for his horrible stage presence. His fans quickly forgave him and await his next performance, after getting well.

At this time, B.B. King has been released from the hospital.

[Photo by: Fergus McDonald/Getty Images]