Dad Builds Cardboard Castle For His Kids, Utah City Forces Him To Take It Down Citing Controversial Violation

Jeremy Trentelman spent an entire week building a giant cardboard castle for his two children — ages two and three. The children were ecstatic about the giant castle in their front yard, but unfortunately, their imaginary reign as king and queen was short-lived. According to Fox News, Trentelman has been ordered to take down the castle.

Days after Trentelman finished the castle, he received a letter from the city of Ogden in Utah. City officials cited that the castle was in violation of a city code that restricts residents from housing “waste materials” and/or junk on property. To ensure Trentelman did not take the request lightly, the letter also detailed possible consequences he could face if he refused to adhere to the city’s order. The 36-year-old father has been given 15 days to take the castle down or be fined.

During a recent interview with KUTV, Trentelman and his wife, Dee, revealed they could initially be fined $125. However, there’s actually much more to it. Needless to say, the couple is outraged by the city’s order.

“We’ve had so much fun with it that I really don’t want to turn it into something’s that’s just stupid,” Trentelman said. “So we’ll enjoy it and take it down when we need to.”

“If it had been out for months or something then yeah, that would make a lot of sense…but it was a day,” Dee Trentelman said.

“They gave us 15 days in the notification so I’ll be damned, it’s gonna stay up for 14 days,” Trentelman said.

“It was a great project for all of us to build, and now it’s just (fun) watching them play in it, and watching their imagination run wild is just fantastic,” Trentelman told the Salt Lake Tribune.

Trentelman has stated that he won’t be taking the castle down until right before the deadline approaches. However, the controversial order has garnered national attention and local residents are now pitching in. A Facebook event has been created in honor of Trentelman’s efforts. Over 60 local residents have agreed to build castles and forts in their yards as well.

“Calling on all the citizens of Ogden to stand in solidarity with Jeremy Trentelman by building cardboard forts in all the front yards throughout the entire city of Ogden!!!!”

Do you think Jeremy Trentelman should be forced to take down his kids’ castle? Share your thoughts.

[Image via Facebook]