Ohio School Shooting: Shooter Was Chased Away By Heroic Teacher

As authorities continue to investigate the scene of Monday’s Ohio school shooting near suburban Cleveland, stories are already emerging of heroism from those targeted by the young gunman.

One such hero is 38-year-old assistant football coach Frank Hall. When confronted by the 17-year-old gunman, who has since been named as TJ Lane, Hall didn’t back down. Instead, he reportedly charged at Lane, who aimed his weapon at Hall. Undeterred, Hall managed to chase the young gunman from the building, and he was apprehended 90 minutes later by police.

According to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, witnesses saw Hall, who is also a hall and cafeteria monitor, gamble with his own life.

His colleagues and students were quick to praise Hall. Chardon assistant football coach Don Navatsyk told the Plain-Dealer:

“It doesn’t surprise me he put his body in front of other people’s bodies and saved lives. If you talk to 100 kids at school, all 100 would say, ‘We love coach Hall.’ He’s an inspiration.”

Navatsyk was joined in his praise of Hall by Jefferson High football coach Jim Henson, who has known Hall for years and coaches one of his four sons:

“As horrifying as everything was, when you hear about kids in that situation and you hear a coach did what he did, we all knew it was Frank right away.”

And students took to Twitter in droves to praise the bold teacher’s fearlessness:

twitter reaction frank hall

Meanwhile, Hall himself would prefer to stay away from the limelight, it seems. His cellphone was answered by a lady on Monday who told press he was not accepting interview requests.