Couple To Get A Whopper Of A Burger-King Wedding, Paid For By Burger King

Burger King announced via Skype Monday that the fast food chain will foot the Burger-King wedding bill, according to the New York Daily News, to help make the event a “Whopper of a wedding” the couple will never forget.

The Burger-King couple watched Skype as a representative of Burger King’s media relations company held up a sign that read, “Burger King wants to help give you a whopper of a wedding. In other words, it’s on us!”

When the couple got the news, Burger’s mother, Cindy, and King’s father, Vince, accompanied them. Joel said they were “blown away,” while King cried tears of joy, the New York Daily News reported.

Burger King Skype Call reaction

The couple, 24-year-old grain mill operator Joel Burger and 23-year-old graduate student Ashley King announced their engagement last week in two local New Berlin, IL, newspapers with a photo of the two standing in front of a Springfield, IL, Burger King sign, according to the State Journal Register.

Burger King spokesperson Eric Hirschhorn said that fate brought Burger King the restaurant and Burger-King the couple together.

“‘When we heard about the happy Burger-King couple, we felt an overwhelming urge to celebrate their upcoming marriage,’ said Eric Hirschhorn, a spokesman for the fast-food chain.

We knew deep in our hearts that we wanted to honor the union of Mr. Burger and Ms. King in an unforgettable way,’ Hirschhorn said.”

When news of the couple’s love story went viral, King said, “Oh my God, it’s going to be crazy,” according to the State Journal Register, and it was.

The official Burger King Twitter account even tweeted about how special the union is, and pleaded for followers to help the company find the Burger King couple.

When Burger King finally found Joel and Ashley, they hinted at having something important to tell the couple.

According to the original State Journal Register report, the couple reached out to Burger King a couple of times, because they wanted to use the Burger King logo at the wedding.

“They would love to hand out drink cozies to their wedding guests with their names and the date on one side and the Burger King restaurant logo on the other. They will need the company’s help with that. Hello, Burger King (the restaurant, that is).”

That columnist emailed Burger King, and that was when the restaurant’s media relations company reached out to the couple via Skype.

The promised “Whopper of a wedding” will be the culmination of a great love story that began all good love stories do – long ago and far away.

Joel and Ashley met in elementary school in fifth grade, according to the State Journal Register, which was when they got their nickname. Although the two say they didn’t become romantically involved until their college years, they attended the prom together.

Burger King Paying for Burger-King Couple Wedding

Someone speaking at an assembly called the two by their names – and laughed. Ashley said she remembers a lot of yo-yos. From that day, their classmates nicknamed them “Burger King” and it stuck.

“‘We have yet to escape the teasing,’ Ashley says, ‘but we have fully embraced our nickname.’”

In addition to paying for the wedding, Burger King restaurant will also provide personalized “gift bags, Mason Jars and Burger King crowns,” in addition to yo-yos – as a tribute to how it all began for the couple, of course.

According to Buzzfeed, all Burger King wants in return is the couple live a happy life. Well, maybe a first-born named after Chicken Fry, too.

The Burger-King wedding will take place in Jacksonville, IL, on July 17, according to USA Today. According to Ms. King’s Twitter feed, the couple has booked their honeymoon in Jamaica.

[Photo Credit via Twitter, Buzzfeed, State Journal Register]