Amber Portwood Wants “More Say So” In Her Daughter’s Life

Amber Portwood may be getting her life on track, but she doesn’t have custody of her daughter just yet. In fact, Teen Mom OG has shown that Gary Shirley may be reluctant to change the custody agreement at all, but that is exactly what Amber wants!

After spiraling out of control and signing over custody of her daughter to Gary, Amber chose a prison sentence in order to get her life back on track. At the time, it was a controversial decision and many were unsure how things would turn out for the young mother, but going to prison may have been the best thing that ever happened to the reality show star. Now back home, she has her life back on track and constantly strives to maintain positivity in her life.

In a recent interview with Wetpaint Entertainment, Amber Portwood revealed that joint custody is something that she wants in the future saying she wants “more of a say” in her daughter’s life. Fans who watched the latest episode of Teen Mom OG will understand her reasoning as the episode showed her unable to keep Leah over on school nights.

“I want more say so, even though I’m her mother, I never wanted the piece of paper in front of me, because it was nothing, I’m still a mom. Now I just feel like I kind of what a say so when she’s going to school trips and things like that. So I think I want to go for joint custody.”

Amber hasn’t revealed when she plans to seek joint custody of her daughter, but there is no doubt she has turned her life around. Of course, she will need to continue to prove that she is a fit mother in order to convince the courts to give her joint custody. Not only that, but the fact that she is trying to co-parent well with Gary Shirley helps is good as it shows she has Leah’s best interest in mind. Even though she and Gary may not get along, Amber Portwood realizes that Leah does have a stable home life and it seems she isn’t seeking to uproot her from that, but rather play a more active role in her daughter’s life.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there were reports that suggested Amber would file for full custody of her daughter. However, it seems she isn’t planning on jumping into a heated custody battle just yet.

Amber was active on Twitter during the new episode of Teen Mom OG. It was obvious there were some emotions regarding the new episode, but she didn’t let the negativity overtake her.

Amber Portwood is on Teen Mom OG on Monday nights.

[Image: via Twitter]