Jesus Had A Son: New Evidence, Statistics Said To ‘Prove’ Bones From Ossuaries Were His Family

Jesus was not only married, he had a son named Judah who was buried in the same Jerusalem tomb with Jesus, his wife Mary and and seven other members of the family — according to new chemical and statistical evidence assembled by an Israeli archaeologist who has been running tests of the “Talpiot Tomb” artifacts for seven years.

The tomb reportedly contained ossuaries — that is, boxes of human remains — with such markings as “Jesus, son of Joseph” and even more remarkable, “Judah, son of Jesus.”

The tomb, in the East Talpiot neighborhood of Israel’s ancient capitol, was discovered in 1980, though the find at the time was considered unremarkable. Hundreds of similar ancient, familial tombs have been uncovered within the Biblical city.

But in 2007, a controversial documentary named the Talpiot Tomb as the burial place not only of Jesus — but of his family members as well. The assertions created a firestorm, as they flew in the face of centuries-old accepted Christian theology, which holds that Jesus did not partake in such Earthly pursuits as marriage, sex and procreation.

The existence of a tomb that once held the remains of Jesus and his family would also seem to contradict the fundamental Christian belief that Jesus rose from the dead what is now celebrated as Easter, three days after he was interred.

At the same time, numerous historians and scholars have held a dissenting belief, that the so-called “prostitute” named Mary Magdalene depicted in the Bible was actually the wife of Jesus and mother of his children.

Jesus is also said in the Bible to have had several brothers, but that notion has been generally rejected by Christian theologians as well.

But in 2002, an ossuary was found to bear the inscription “James, Brother Of Jesus.” The box was eventually dismissed as a fraud.

But just last week, archaeologist Aryeh Shimron, and his collaborator Simcha Jacobovici (pictured above, in the tomb) — a filmmaker — said, not so fast.

Shimron announced that after seven years of testing, he has found a chemical match between samples of dirt scraped from inside the so-called “James Ossuary” and soil from the interior of the Talpiot Tomb. The match would appear to establish that the James Ossuary was indeed stored in the tomb for at least several centuries.

But that’s not the end of it. Other ossuaries discovered in the tomb reportedly bore the names of individuals in the New Testament story of Jesus — including one marked “Jesus, son of Joseph.”

Using statistical analysis, Shimron and Jacobovici say they have confirmed that the likelihood of all of the names occurring in the same family was extremely small, leading them to believe that the tomb is indeed the family burial place of Jesus — and his wife, son and brothers.

A short video tour of the tomb discussing the evidence that Jesus and his son were buried there can be viewed above.

[Image: Getty Images News]