Maci Bookout Struggles To Co-Parent With Ryan Edwards: ‘He Just Doesn’t Care’

Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards had a talk on the April 6 episode of Teen Mom OG about their co-parenting struggles with son Bentley, 6. Since the season began, the former couple has dealt with serious communication issues, and unfortunately, things don’t appear to have changed.

On Monday night, in a Teen Mom: OG Featured Moment clip, Bookout spoke out about her chat with Edwards, revealing that while she intended to hash out her differences with Edwards, not much was accomplished during their conversation.

“I don’t feel like that meeting gave any resolution to the issue. I really just don’t think he gets it. Sometimes, I will talk to him and I feel like he’s not listening, he’s not paying attention. He just doesn’t care.”

From the sound of what Maci Bookout was saying, it seems she feels Edwards hasn’t grown up in the way she has. As Maci Bookout continues to raise her son, go to school, and prepare for her second child, Edwards appears to be stuck in a teenage time warp.

Although fans don’t hear much from Edwards in the press, aside from his regular relationship drama, he doesn’t come off as the most involved dad in episode of Teen Mom. While that could simply be the result of editing, his conversation with Maci Bookout last night certainly hinted at a lack of maturity. In fact, Maci Bookout questioned whether or not Edwards wants to be involved in their co-parenting relationship.

“I feel like I want this to work out and I want us to be able to co-parent, and I want him involved, but I feel like he wants none of that.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Maci Bookout was “apprehensive” when talks for a fifth season of Teen Mom first began. In an interview with PEOPLE Magazine, Bookout revealed she ultimately decided to return to the series so that she could show her fans how far she’s come in the last three years.

“It had been a very long time since we had been on the show…I was definitely apprehensive, but I thought it was really cool and all of us are in such different places in our lives that it would be nice for the fans to see how much we have grown.”

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