‘Too Fat To Work?’ Obese 21-Year-Old Woman Earns More Than The Average Nurse From Government Benefits

Rochelle Coulson, 21, has not worked in five years, but she reportedly receives government benefits equivalent to the average salary a nurse earns annually. But, how?

According to Metro, she receives government benefits. It has been reported that she is borderline diabetic, suffering from Hypothyroidism, depression and sleep apnea, which is categorized as a potentially severe sleeping disorder where a person repeatedly has breathing lapses while asleep. However, most of her medical complications are linked to morbid obesity.

During an exclusive interview with Mail Online, she stated that she’d love to have a job. However, such a feat is nearly impossible because of her condition. She also shared details about some of the complications she has as a result of being overweight.

“I would love to have a job, I didn’t choose to be like this. But I can’t. I’m too dangerous. I can’t do anything if I’m falling asleep the whole time.”

Coulson explained that she’s always had problems with her weight. But, things spiraled out of control approximately four years ago. She reportedly gained more than 180 pounds as a result of binge eating. Coulson admits she would eat up to 10 bags of potato chips on a daily basis.

Now, she’s receiving government benefits amounting to more than $26,000 annually with a Personal Independence Payment and Employment and Support Allowance (ESA). The staggering payout is actually more than the average nurse earns in the U.K. Coulson stated that she has contacted the NHS for assistance with meal plans, but to no avail, reports Mirror Online.

Although she reportedly received a discounted gym membership, she insists that’s not enough. She has also criticized the state-funded program for their lack of assistance.

“I do feel there is more out there to help me and the NHS could have done better.”

Of course, Coulson has been criticized for her claims. While Coulson insists the NHS could do more to assist her, the Taxpayers’ Alliance argues that the government is doing too much to help individuals like Coulson.

The group argues that the substantial payout she receives annually is a “comfort blanket” that leaves little incentive for obese recipients to seek employment. She recently took to YouTube with a response to the criticism, but of course, many viewers argued that her claims weren’t valid.

Do you think individuals like Rochelle Coulson are “too fat to work?” Or, is the government doing too much? Share your thoughts.

[Image via YouTube]