Gloria Allred Still Hasn’t Mastered BCCing Emails

Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred was left looking all red at the weekend, after she accidentally copied in nearly 400 journalists on an invite to an Oscar-viewing party.

The email was Allred’s bumbling attempt to alert media about a party on Sunday at the Beverly Hills Hotel. She was due to appear there with Ginger White, the woman who claims to have had a 13-year affair with Herman Cain. But instead of ‘blind copying’ her hundreds of would-be journalist guests in, she pasted her entire mailing list of press contacts straight in the ‘copy’ box, making all 380 recipients visible to one another. D’oh.

Being the silent, timid types, journalists politely ignored her error. Ha, not really, they ripped into her. “Dear Gloria,” snarked one recipient, “Thanks for sharing your entire mailing list with your entire mailing list.”

It all added up to the easiest story Yahoo!’s Dylan Stableford will land all year (though he may not be on Gloria’s next spammy e-invitation). He pasted the email, complete with the names of all 380 journos, here.

Allred, 70, had invited Ginger White to be her guest at the Oscar Party to ‘honor her for her courage and her willingness to support other women. Though it seems like much longer ago, it was only November that White and a handful of other women had emerged to accuse Cain of marital infidelities.

[Via Yahoo!]