Tom Cruise Hasn’t Seen Suri In A Year, Is Scientology To Blame?

Is Scientology keeping Tom Cruise away from his daughter Suri? We know that his ex-wife and Suri’s mom, Katie Holmes, doesn’t exactly approve of Cruise’s religion, but is Tom letting it get in the way of his parenting duties?

For weeks. we’ve heard that Katie isn’t exactly happy with Tom’s absence from Suri’s life. While Cruise’s disappearance has been attributed to his filming schedule, some believe that it’s really Scientology keeping him away from Suri since she is being brought up Catholic.

Rumor has it that both Katie and Suri have been designated as “SPs” within the church of Scientology. “SP” stands for a “suppressive person.” According to being declared “SP” is “extremely rare” and “results in expulsion from the Scientology religion. This occurs in instances of serious offenses against the Scientology faith and can also occur when an individual is found to be actively working to suppress the well-being of others.”

Now, according to TMZ, it’s been revealed that Tom Cruise did have two weeks to see Suri once he wrapped Mission Impossible 5 in London, but chose not to see her after all was said and done.

Sources close to Holmes told TMZ that the situation is dire, and Cruise hasn’t been in Suri’s life for “almost a year.” Although Tom’s rep has denied these claims, we haven’t seen photographic evidence of this. That said, we have seen Cruise out and about with son Connor. On Sunday, he took his son out to the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament in Florida.

At the Inquisitr reported, Tom and Katie do not speak at all, and all of their communication is done though their handlers.

According to TMZ, “sources say there are bad feelings on both sides, and no desire on either Tom or Katie’s part to mend fences.” As previously stated, Holmes is “dissatisfied with Tom’s involvement in their daughter’s life… that it hasn’t been enough.”

Then there’s this to consider, reports have been circulating that Holmes is in a secret relationship with Cruise’s friend Jamie Foxx. Although Tom’s reps haven’t commented on that relationship, sources said that Tom has been concerned with Holmes’ boyfriends being a “possible negative influence” on their daughter.

Looks like this family has a lot to work out.

[Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images]