Husband In Coma Awakes After Doctors Said Let Him Die, But Matt Davis Didn’t Remember His Wife

When a husband in a coma awakes after doctors said let him die, any wife would be thrilled. But now the young married couple is having to learn to love each all over again since Matt Davis could not remember his wife, Danielle.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, after a U.S. family was poisoned at a luxury Caribbean resort, two children ended up in a coma and the father has been paralyzed.

In 2010, doctors recommended letting Matt die after the motorcycle crash caused an open femur fracture, fracture to the neck of the femur, fractured rib, lacerated liver, fractured collar bone, fractured jaw in two places, and occipital skull fracture.

Matt Davis Coma

The worst injury was Severe Diffuse Axonal Injury, a brain injury which left him in a coma, and doctors assigned a 90 percent chance for him being forever in a vegetative state.

“This was a difficult choice for me, being his wife I knew that he did not want to remain a vegetable and here the doctors were telling me that’s exactly what will happen,” Danielle Dave wrote on her blog. “I prayed a lot and chose not to take him off of life support. The next day Matthew opened his eyes.”

Even though the husband awoke from the coma, he could still not talk or move, so Danielle and her mother cared for him 24/7 from home. Three months after the accident, Matt finally spoke.

“We noticed he was trying to talk, more like whisper and I put his hat in his hand, told him to put it on his head,” Danielle wrote on her GoFundMe page. “After telling him multiple times he gasps out, “I’m trying!” It was the greatest thing I’ve ever heard!”

That simple change eventually turned into understanding full phrases, including requesting his favorite buffalo chicken wrap from Cheddar’s.

Unfortunately, Matt Davis did not remember his wife at all, including their dating, wedding, and marriage. He’s had to learn to love Danielle all over again, but now they enjoy playing scrabble and going on new dates at Disney World. They even do yoga classes together.

Matt Davis Yoga

Danielle captioned the Facebook photo by explaining his progress.

“Matt fell out of his wheelchair yesterday… He’s okay. He saved himself. Usually if he looses his balance or falls or gets wobbly he tries not to fall and lands on his butt, hips, side, face… Catching yourself is an instant reflex. We don’t even think about, we just put our hands out without thinking. Go ahead and try to fall without catching yourself with your hands. It’s almost impossible. At the last microsecond you put your hands down. You save yourself…. HE did it. The part of his brain that just does things on it’s own is waking up. Yoga is waking him up. For the first time in 4 years Matt is getting the chills, yawning, sighing. All things your brain just tells your body to do. Things you can’t really control. Matt’s brain is still healing.”

Matt Davis is still recovering from his ordeal and is having difficulty walking. The family is hoping to raise $20,800 for a physical trainer through their GoFundMe page, and as of this publishing they are only several thousand dollars short of their goal. So what will they do once he can walk freely?

“‘What are you gonna do when Matt’s not in a wheelchair anymore?'” they’ve been asked. “The answer: Everything. We’re going to do everything.”

[Images via ABC, Facebook]