Florida Man Arrested For Threatening President Obama

20-year-old South Florida resident Joaquin Amardor Serrapio Jr. was arrested on Thursday after he made threats against President Obama’s life as Barack Obama traveled to Miami, Florida.

Federal authorities raided Joaquin’s home and he was taken into custody. Placing death threats against the President can bring with it a felony and up to five-years in prison.

In the meantime Serrapio has pled not guilty before a federal magistrate while his cash bond was set at $20,000. His parents were also forced to sign a $50,000 personal surety bond to have their son released.

The threat came just as President Obama was preparing to make a policy speech at the University of Miami before heading off to two other fundraisers in the area.

FBI agents work with Secret Service personnel alongside White House advance teams to keep tabs on anyone who they believe pose a credible threat to the president.

At this time it’s still not clear which threats were directly made by Serrapio against President Obama. While the 20-year-old did not attempt to carry out his threats the simple act of threatening the president is considered a major federal offense. According to attorney Brian Bieber in a discussion with NBC Miami:

“It really doesn’t. As long as you have the ability to – the present ability or the future ability to – then you are subject to being prosecuted under the statute.”

Serrapio will be arraigned in federal court on March 9.

Do you think the act of threatening the President of the United States should lead to charges and the possibility of a felony?